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OD 14.01.2018.

MOĆ SADAŠNJEG TRENUTKA - Razmišljanje je postalo bolest

MOĆ SADAŠNJEG TRENUTKA - Razmišljanje je postalo bolest

Razmišljanje je postalo bolest. Bolest se pojavljuje kad nestane ravnoteže. Primjerice, nema ničeg pogrešnog u tome što se stanice u tijelu razdvajaju i umnažaju, ali kad se taj proces nastavlja bez obzira na cjelokupnost organizma, stanice se pretjerano množe i tada dolazi do bolesti. 

Koristimo li se njim na pravi način, um može biti iznimno dobar instrument. Koristimo li se pogrešno, međutim, postaje razoran. Da se točnije izrazim, najčešće nije riječ o tome da se pogrešno služite umom - najčešće se njim uopće ne služite. On se koristi vama. To je bolest. Vjerujete da ste vi taj um. To je zabluda. Instrument je preuzeo vlast u svoje ruke. 

Ne slažem se sasvim s tim. Istina je da često besciljno razmišljam, kao i većina ljudi, ali ipak mogu odlučiti koristiti se umom da nešto dobijem i postignem, a to činim cijelo vrijeme.


Samo zato što možete riješiti križaljku ili izgraditi atomsku bombu, to ne znači da se koristite umom. Upravo kao što psi vole žvakati kosti, tako i um voli gurati nos u različite probleme. Zato i rješava križaljke i gradi atomske bombe. Vas ne zanima nijedno ni drugo. Dopustite mi da vas upitam: možete li se osloboditi uma kad god to poželite? 

Jeste li pronašli tipku za isključivanje?

Hoćete reći da potpuno prestanem misliti? Ne, ne mogu ga se osloboditi kad to poželim, osim na trenutak-dva.  

To znači da se um koristi s vama. Vi se nesvjesno poistovjećujete s njim, tako da čak i ne znate kako ste njegov rob. Gotovo kao da ste opsjednuti, a da to i ne znate i zato smatrate da ste vi to biće koje vas je opsjelo. Početak slobode jest spoznaja kako vi niste to biće koje vas opsjeda - mislilac. Ta vam spoznaja omogućuje da promatrate mislioca.  

Onoga trenutka kad počnete nadzirati mislioca, aktivira se viša razina svjesnosti. Tada počinjete shvaćati kako onkraj misli postoji prostrano carstvo inteligencije, kako je misao samo sićušan vid te inteligencije. 

Također shvaćate kako sve one stvari koje su uistinu važne - ljepota, ljubav, stvaralaštvo, radost, unutarnje spokojstvo - izranjaju iz područja onkraj uma. Počeli ste se buditi.






  • 10.08.2009. 12:40h

    Član dinajaMerlin2 u snazi trenutaka nema razmišljanja.....u moći trenutka je samo trenutak postojanja i osjećanja osjećaja..........u snazi trenutka nema ni baleka, ni pjenušave kupke, u snazi trenutka je samo treptaj oka u kojem svijesno trajemo svojim osjećajem..........i spoznajemo kako je prolazan mjehurić koji traje koliko i naš treptaj oka.........da to je moć trenutka svjesne spoznaje našeg sudjelovanja u radosnoj i pjenušavoj kupki božjega sna..........:-)))
  • 10.08.2009. 12:57h

    Član vajranMerlin3 molim lijepo... može li mi neka od princeza uvezati ovaj tekst.... jedan dobar čvor sa ostalima.....
  • 04.06.2020. 05:47h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0

    Kada ne možemo razdvojiti ili i odvojiti razmišljanje od svijesnosti to je isto kao i ono "ja i moj otac smo jedno" ali po antikristu !?

    Ustvari nismo u stanju razlikovati "feeling and emotions" pa:*"Control your feelings and emotions and you’ll take control of your life. Only then will you be free." "Free from what?" I retorted belligerently, feeling threatened by the simple idea of suppressing my feelings, and I even snapped at him that I wasn’t interested in repressing what I felt. Don Berna just laughed, and said nothing. I spent a lot of time pondering the matter. The next time I saw him, I reopened the debate on mental freedom. He accused me of having a closed mind, and said I was extremely inflexible with my cherished concepts. Naturally, I started defending myself. I told him I considered myself a reasonable person, open-minded and willing to receive and learn new ideas. "See?” he said reproachfully. “You always twist everything. Freedom of mind is much more than willingness to learn new things. To achieve freedom of mind you need to be the master of your emotions and of your thoughts. Look at the mind as if it were a wild horse that has bolted. You can only say you’ve achieved freedom of mind when you’ve put reins on that horse and are controlling it as you please. If not, you’ll always be slave to your sentimentalism.” I told him, without much conviction, that I believed I was master of my feelings. He laughed heartily and said: "It is common for people to confuse the concept of feeling with their sentiments." I looked at him, bewildered, and said that for me those two words meant the same thing. Don Berna explained: “It is very important not to confuse the two concepts, because if you do you’ll fall into every trap laid by your mind, and your energy will drain away as if from a punctured hose. Feeling is inherent to being alive. All living things feel. You can verify that in animals and even insects. If threatened, they are afraid. If treated well they feel affection, or even love." “Then what are sentiments?” I asked, now really confused.
    “Sentiments, on the other hand, are the result of the mental process in which we use our memory to evoke certain moods." He regarded me as if waiting for a comment. As I had none, he went on: "So you can see that our sentiments are neither more nor less than mental masturbation. We wallow like pigs in our own excrement and call that sensitivity. I say it is not sensitive at all, but a shameful way to indulge in our vices." I was speechless because of the implications of what he said. I felt that he was referring directly to my weaknesses. I saw myself cornered and threatened by something that I could not clearly define. "There is nothing wrong with feeling,” don Berna went on. “On the contrary, you’d have to be dead not to feel anything. But when you use your memory to recall what you should feel, then you are not feeling at all. What you perceive in that case is a second-hand feeling that has been sullied by passing through the sieve of the mind. “But how can I control my emotions?” I asked, knowing we all suffered emotional assaults from time to time. He replied, "By being deliberate, and not giving in to your vices. It is also most important to have a definite purpose in everything you do. Only idiots go through life reacting to their environment without the slightest control over themselves. They are like marionettes that let themselves be manipulated by every ‘hook’ they encounter. I asked what he meant by hooks. "By hooks I mean the lures of modern life. In the consumer society in which we live, it is hard to go anywhere without someone trying to sell you something, or trying to take advantage of you, or grab something from you. In the city it is hard to look anywhere without seeing an advertisement. All this is designed to get people to react to the environment. That is the way the powers-that-be hold people by the balls. To achieve emotional freedom one must be crystal-clear. When you feel a rush of emotion overtaking you, you must pull at the reins of that wild horse. By doing so you can save huge amounts of energy." I understood don Berna’s lesson. He was right. Most of the time, when talking to myself, I would evoke the feelings that corresponded to the course of my thoughts. I realized that the amount of energy I spent in doing that was indeed exorbitant* ?

    Dakle mnogo toga zavisi i od pedagogije pa i one neverbalne tojest se od nas i zahtijeva da budemo glupi ili i "imamo ukusa" ?

    *Observe that the idea here is to reinforce the positive and reduce the negative. Even when saying, ‘DON’T do this or that’ one actually suggests that YES, it can be done. Such is human nature. It is therefore important to cultivate the ideas of strength and beauty in the mind, because they are the filter through which we look at the world. If we learn a word, its meaning becomes an active part of our possibilities. It is therefore wise to deliberately choose strong, commanding words that will help us build a character suitable for the hard struggle of warriors.

    The memory we use in our daily lives is cerebral. Here, however, the type of recollection sorcerers seek has to do with our origins, when we did not have a description of the world around us. To be sure, our basic components, or the energy fibres that make us up, obviously had to be present at the moment of our creation. Those fibres recorded it all.” Along the same line of thought, he clarified: "I’m not referring only to the physical aspect of our birth but to the exact moment of our formation as units of luminosity. I am talking about luminous fibres, where the fusion of two segments in a given moment produces the spark of individual awareness. To our luminous body, the passage of time means nothing, so much so that it is perfectly capable of activating those very same filaments that were employed at the exact moment of our creation. That is the warriors’ feat. Achieving it, one might even get to perceive oneself as one really is: a fibre of light aware of itself. Every human being’s potential includes all the capacities of a warrior; it is just a matter of activating them. Everything begins with an initial act of will. If we then faithfully continue reviewing our actions, we successfully revive our link with the spirit* ?

    Zar nebi bilo i logično da mi stvaramo društveno biče i društveno biče oblikuje nas a ako su društvene okolnosti dizajnirane tako da nas konstantno muzu na nivou emocionalnog pražnjenja onda bi tu bio i "vražji trik" i onaj kojeg nema ?

    Znači kada kada neki pije tada on o nije slab zato što pije nego se je propio od slabosti pa tako i kada razmišljamo o velikim temama onda i nismo mi bolesni od razmišljanja nego je razmišljanje samo ekspresija bolesti ?

    Ali kako neko može biti "tvorac svega" ako i ne Tvori ništa......!

    Je li to kao kada bi prvo izmaštali i iskonstruisali Boga a onda bi taj naš isti Bog stvorio i nas na Sliku svoju......!o'o!

    Nismo li tako i "Indijancima" oteli zemlju ili i "crno na bijelo"......?!

    Zar nije dovoljno da i nama pripišu ime i odmah nam prišiju i odgovarajuču im "ladicu.......


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