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Iskrenost i spontanost - 337 dan

Iskrenost i spontanost - 337 dan
Iskrenost i spontanost su jedina dva preduvjeta za dobru komunikaciju s okolinom...

Ova vrsta komunikacije traži puno spontanosti i iskrenosti...

Iskrenost i spontanost su jedina dva preduvjeta za dobru komunikaciju s okolinom...




  • 30.11.2018. 12:42h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0

    BiH il ne BiH.....

    .....or to Haso:Mujo možeš li ti meni predložiti neku Alternativnu knjigu!

    Mujo:A jel misliš u Kontranapadu ili u Samoobrani!?

    A onda kažu i da je DAH namanja,najneprimjetnija ali i najvažnija "stvar" na Svijetu?

    Pa bi analogno tome i Oni koji nas ostavljaju bez DAHA mogli biti kao izvan Svijeta i važni do boga.

    Pošto bi "naše postojano držanje Slike o Sebi bilo osigurano i našim Beskrajnim neznanjem" treba navesti i "one Secret" = *Doña Silvia pointed to a south-facing window and said, "She lived in one of the glens in that direction. Her name was Chimali. It happened that on one occasion the beautiful girl went to fetch water from the river not too far away from her village. She took a shortcut straight through the woods and there she met the spirit of the forest. Praising her beauty and the sweet look in her eyes, the spirit gave her an obsidian pebble and said it would bring her good luck. Then the spirit disappeared and she went on. Having filled her jug with clear water, she made her way back home. She kept the pebble she got from the forest spirit in her mouth under her tongue, but it so happened that in an unguarded moment she swallowed the pebble. As time went by, she realized that the stone had been enchanted since she had become pregnant. The wise rulers of her village saw Chimali’s aura and realized that she was telling the
    truth and that her pregnancy had been brought about by the spirit. They took that as an omen. In due time, Chimali gave birth to a son who became the king of his people. Tepozteco was his name, and he was a king so wise that his fame spread way beyond the frontiers of his land. From everywhere, people came to hear his words. The story tells that on one occasion the great king was invited to a banquet at the royal court of Tenochtitlan, which was located where Mexico City is today. He arrived dressed in his usual way, wearing his humble loincloth and leather sandals, but he was not allowed in. He then returned home and put on fine clothes, gold, jewels and precious feathers. Thus attired, he returned to the party. This time he was admitted in and seated alongside the other nobles. During the meal, out of the blue and to everyone’s astonishment, king Tepozteco began smearing food on his clothes and ornaments. When asked why he was doing it, he replied that it was not he who had been invited to the banquet but his clothes and jewellery. The others were profoundly embarrassed. The lesson of this story is that we must look beyond appearances, unlike this baldy here,” Doña Silvia said, pointing at me, “who believes that only external appearances matter. Modern man has abandoned his good sense in favour of vanity. He has become a puppet of fashion and behaves like a clown, only without even the slightest sense of the ridiculous. It clearly shows how people continue to follow the propaganda blindly without ever questioning anything and are thus mercilessly manipulated by hidden forces. The price for emphasising any aspect of the ego is to remain locked up in the chosen detail. Lack of awareness makes the masses behave mechanically and follow stereotypes. Watching them, one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”*???


    *Healers very often quote the biblical proverb that says: "Many are called but few are chosen". They say that because they are always open and willing to attend to the needs of anyone crossing their path, as a gesture to the spirit*??


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  • Član iridairida

    i nisam ja zaslužna, naša Božica je uskočila...

    20.04.2021. 10:10h
  • Član iridairida

    nisi zaboravila, samo nisi bila tu kad smo prelazili na novo

    20.04.2021. 10:09h
  • Član vanessavanessa

    Hvala Irida,sve saam zaboravila.♥

    18.04.2021. 23:41h
  • Član bglavacbglavac

    Dobar dan Edin. Lijep pozdrav.

    18.04.2021. 16:11h
  • Član edin.kecanovicedin.kecanovic

    Dobar dan Irida, dobar dan Magicusi.

    18.04.2021. 13:25h
  • Član iridairida

    Edine, dobar dan i tebi...♥

    17.04.2021. 15:39h
  • Član edin.kecanovicedin.kecanovic

    Dobar dan, dragi Magicusi.

    17.04.2021. 13:57h
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