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OD 14.01.2018.

KONCENTRACIJA - Što kaže Osho?

KONCENTRACIJA - Što kaže Osho?
Osjetili ste da vam nedostaje koncentracije, ali ništa se tu ne može direktno učiniti. Nešto treba učiniti jedino u vezi interesa.

Na primjer, dijete koje sjedi u školskoj klupi, iznenada počne slušati cvrkut ptica koje čuje kroz prozor i posve se koncentrira na slušanje.

Učitelj viče: 'Koncentriraj se!', ali dijete se ne može koncentrirati na školsku ploču, njegov se um stalno vraća pticama.

One su tako vesele, one ga zaista zanimaju, zato se na njih koncentrira.

Učitelj kaže: 'Koncentriraj se!'. dijete i jest koncentrirano, učitelj ga zapravo dekoncentrira u njegovoj koncentraciji.

On želi njegovu koncentraciju usmjeriti na nešto za što dijete nema  interesa.

Zato mu je teško koncentrirati se.

Uvijek zapamtite - ako zaboravljate stvari, to jednostavni znači da za nešto nemate interesa, ili imate trenutno neki drugi interes.

Možda pri tom želite zaraditi novac pa je novac vaš interes, a ne nešto drugo.

Tada ćete početi zaboravljati stvari.

Zato pazite na svoj interes.

I što god radite, ako se za to duboko zanimate, nije potrebno brinuti se hoćete li se nečega sjetiti, ono jednostavno dođe.

Zato se samo malo više zainteresirajte.

Ostanite u tom trenutku, zanimajte se za sve što radite.

I nakon dva, tri mjeseca vidjet ćete da memorija jednostavno izvire iz vas.

Rad s Osho tarot simbolima, jedna je od najučikovitijih metoda otkrivanja nesvjesnih (potisnutih) obrazaca, kroz 'razgovor' sa samim sobom...dokazano mojim dugogodišnjim radom kroz vlastito iskustvo i iskustvo ostalih sudionika!




Prijave i info:

Maja Cvjetanović Laboš


 098/953 7245

Grupni i inividaulni tečaj OSHO ZEN TAROTA!

(za one izvan Zagreba, i one koji to žele, također i  putem skype-a!)





  • 23.08.2017. 08:39h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0

    I' opet bi bilo.....

    ....da "tko traži taj gubi" ili se je izgubio!

    A povratak na Stazu može izazovno-pogibeljan!?

    **"Well, according to the Rule, all parties have a riddle. Just as each warrior receives a

    task to fulfil as part of his individual path to freedom, each party and each lineage has its own

    riddle to solve. A warrior’s riddles must be solved in his lifetime or he’ll perish in the attempt.

    The same goes for a party of warriors. Their opportunity to solve the riddle of their existence

    lasts as long as their time on earth.

    A party of warriors makes it as a group only if each of its members has been able to

    solve his or her own riddles.

    And as for deciphering the riddle of a lineage, the lifespan of lineages is fifty-two

    generations of warrior’s parties. A lineage attains holiness, however, only if all the parties thatconstitute it achieve their objective; if not, the chain breaks and they are obliged to start all over

    again. So when a lineage is about to reach its peak, a three-pronged Nagual appears, not to

    continue the lineage as would normally be the case, but to dissolve it, closing a chapter before

    opening a new one.

    During that process, the teachings spread out. In the past, such dissemination was

    extremely dangerous because the Naguals and their parties were hunted down and killed. Now

    however, the circumstances are different. Through spreading of formerly secret knowledge,

    new lineages may arise, re-starting the process.



    **The pieces of the puzzle came together and I could understand the pernicious reason for my

    presence among them."

    "Why do you say that it was a pernicious reason?"

    “By saying that, I just follow the course of thoughts of my benefactor and his warriors. For

    them, sorcery was a strictly controlled activity, regulated by the principles of discretion and

    strategy. Although they fully belonged to the breed of new seers for whom trade secrets weren’t

    worth a peanut, their activities and emotions to a great extent still belonged to the past. For that

    reason, they would have seen my task as something truly devastating because it had to do with

    giving sorcery to people, or rather bringing people to nagual, and not just in small groups, but in

    great masses.

    Of course, for modern seers, there’s nothing nefarious about my task. It is a natural

    occurrence in the flow of energy. They know that times of change need to be faced with

    renewed spirit.



    **When my energy anomaly became obvious, however, don Juan and his party went back

    to the Rule for a drastic revision. They discovered that what they had on their hands was not

    totally out of place, since there was a specific Rule for my case. On examining the matter more

    closely, they saw the three-pronged Nagual for what he really was: an alien parasite

    inadvertently slipping into the lineage and disintegrating it.

    Under these conditions don Juan did the only thing left to him to do. A warrior always

    chooses the best option, and if life gives you a lemon, you make lemonade. That is why he

    designed a strategy for making knowledge public, and thereby closing his lineage with a

    golden key. That was the only reason for making the achievements of his lineage known.


    **My dear friends, we have already taught you everything of relevance; the moment has

    now come to say the final goodbye. Tomorrow we shall embark on our ultimate voyage. What

    you will do with the knowledge you have received will be up to each one of you.

    We have given you the example of charity and helping your neighbour. We have also

    shown you the path that generations of healers have travelled. It only remains now to give you

    the ultimate demonstration of our faith. Tomorrow, we fly on the wings of the Plumed Serpent.

    This is a mandatory step we all have to take one day, in one way or another, willy-nilly.

    After a lifelong preparation sorcerers go to their appointment with Death, armed with

    impeccable recapitulation of their lives. In exchange, Death lets them pass free, as if they had

    never existed.

    It befalls to you, my dear friends, to witness our departure, as we had to be present when our

    teachers took their leave.”

    He was referring to the embarkation on his ultimate voyage, the one from which there is

    no return. Carlos spoke of that event as the definitive journey. The healers called it the flight of

    the Serpent. They had explained to me that, for sorcerers, it is the culmination of a lifetime of


    On the penultimate day, after the announcement, the assistants generated an unusual

    amount of energy. Frantic activity suddenly kicked off among them: they were all in a rush; they all had some task to complete*

    P.S;Kada je spolja jako vruče tada i iznutra dolazi do zahladnjenja..... odnosa?

    A kada nam je zima tada smo najotvoreniji za utopljavanje pa tako nakon što se iznutra zagrijemo spolja ohladi.

    (Pogledamo li pak da ljudi naseljavaju samo 3% kopna ali i da na preostalih 97% nema Liberlanda tada bi to a po "po toliko i iznutra" značilo da su nam dosta i "tri čiste" pa da nam bude i "sve jasno"???)

    Kada kažemo da je vražji trik u tome da ga nema tada bi to značilo da "ja" mogu i indirektno preko "mojeg ili mojih" a tek u krajnjem slučaju dolazim i Osobno??

    Kada bismo riječima htijeli izači izvan riječi to bi bilo kao da nakon što ispucamo sva slova i sve brojke konačno ušutimo?

    Naravno nebi trebali uzeti honorar za izvaljene mudrosti a još manje dobiti vremena po nekim fiksacijama........... i dovoljano nam je i to "zrno gorušice" pa da se rastočimo odnosno Natočimo do vrha %        "!O'O!"--------------- *


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    ♥*♪♫ ♥*♪♫ ♥*♪♫ Hvala, samo da Vas pozdravim::))))

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    idem probati

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    isprobajte opciju

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    dragi magicusi, od danas možete naslovne slike povući iz našeg foldera za slike

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    Dobro jutro drag magicusi. želim va lijep i radostan ovaj dan.Lp

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    Pozdrav svima !

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