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I tata, kako ti se čini moj voljeni?

Tatina mezimica obavještava oca koji je bezobrazno bogat da se želi udati za bivšeg svećenika...

Nakon burne rasprave, velikih psovki, bacanja raznih predmeta po velikom dnevnom boravku tatica pristaje da momak dođe na večeru.

Tatica je uspio zadržati punih deset minuta jezik za zubima te je napokon progovorio:

Slušaj ti momče, moja kćerka nije kao sve druge djevojke u našem gradu.

Da li ti znaš da moja mezimica mjesečno troši 5000 eura na garderobu, odakle ti pare za to?

Momak će skrušeno - Bog će nam pomoći!

A da li znaš da se vozi samo u Ferariju, kako ćeš joj to kupiti?

Bog će nam pomoći!

Ne smijem ni da ti kažem koliko godišnje potroši na putovanja, kako ćeš to riješiti?

Bog će nam pomoći!....

Zaljubljena mezimica lebdeći na sedmom ljubavnom oblaku upita oca:

I tata, kako ti se čini moj voljeni?

Nekako naivan i budalast, ali me u srce pogađa kad' me naziva Bogom!





  • 11.08.2019. 11:59h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0

    Znanje = Imanje ??

    Svaki puta kada bi dakle pružali Znanstveni Dokaz mi bi to trebali i Blagosiljati Novcem ?

    Ima - Se !

    Medjutim je i uobičajena praksa da što smo veči "Znalci" to smo i veči "Cigani" ?!

    Tojest što više "Imamo" to nam više "Treba".

    E sad čega ili-ako.......... "život se životom hrani" ???

    Sve dok Eva nastaje iz Adamovog rebra a i Muškost je produžetak Ženskosti...........

    Jabučica kažu nije zmijolika ili i ne zamuckuje dok pjevamo ili i pričamo sa "životinjama" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUk9O8tyO-0

    Bog je Ljubav.... iliti i Jedan Život u...... i' nije daje sve izgubljeno sve dok se i kao izgubljeni s-nalazimo ?

    Biće........... Pupoljak........... Vau................. Jee'ahhhhh

  • 11.08.2019. 12:48h

    Član iridaMerlin35

    Emiliov prijedlog

  • 11.08.2019. 12:51h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0

    I' ni - je pitanje.....

    ......koliko bi Hipokrata i pristalo na vaše Čudesno Izlječenje ako TO i degradira njihovu Znanstvenu Metodu !

    Nego je pitanje kako bi se netko ko je Zdrav uopšte mogao i Razboljeti ?

    *The healers’ tradition also uses those concepts. One of the speakers once commented
    on an extract from the Bible which said that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven meant to be born a second time. Don Melchor later explained what the passage was about, and confirmed that it contained a great truth. He said: “It is not a metaphor but a literal truth. If we manage to unravel the events of our lives and arrive at the rudimental vibration which created us, the possibility of performing an energy miracle will open to us. By returning to our origins, we can compact the energy involved in that initial act of creation, and in that way rescue our integrity. Sorcerers take recapitulation seriously, because it not only helps one get rid of the burdens imposed upon us by daily life, it can also reverse the stigma of the original sin, which is to be born without energy. That is how retracing the path helps us in a very profound way, effecting changes at the fundamental level. We are not only what we consciously and unconsciously decree. At birth, we acquire the heritage from the generations that preceded us. By recapitulating and cancelling undesirable commands, it is possible to modify our basic structure and shape our character at will. It is the only way we can rid ourselves of unconscious repetitions, the only way we can prevent the onslaught of diseases and other conditions that may have been programmed into the heritage we got from our ancestors. Only by returning to our origins can we correct any fault that may have been there at the moment of our formation. This is achieved by breaking the basic components of our character down to their minimum expression. The warrior then uses intent to reconsolidate himself as a whole, now free of external commands. Although the revision of basic components as such has no power to cancel out our parents’ acts, it does help restore our totality as luminous beings. For sorcerers, constructing their energy body is a work of art that usually takes a lifetime to complete. That is why they are so meticulous about anything relating to that goal.” I asked don Melchor how it was possible to recapitulate something that happened before we even existed. He replied: “The memory we use in our daily lives is cerebral. Here, however, the type of recollection sorcerers seek has to do with our origins, when we did not have a description of the world around us. To be sure, our basic components, or the energy fibres that make us up, obviously had to be present at the moment of our creation. Those fibres recorded it all.” Along the same line of thought, he clarified: "I’m not referring only to the physical aspect of our birth but to the exact moment of our formation as units of luminosity. I am talking about luminous fibres, where the fusion of two segments in a given moment produces the spark of individual awareness. To our luminous body, the passage of time means nothing, so much so that it is perfectly capable of activating those very same filaments that were employed at the exact moment of our creation. That is the warriors’ feat. Achieving it, one might even get to perceive oneself as one really is: a fibre of light aware of itself. Every human being’s potential includes all the capacities of a warrior; it is just a matter of activating them. Everything begins with an initial act of will. If we then faithfully continue reviewing our actions, we successfully revive our link with the spirit. A warrior, then, is someone who has literally been reborn, or rather, someone who has recreated himself and has been conceived anew, only this time fully, passionately and free from the fetters of socialization. The complete history of our ancestors is stored in our basic components. Retrieving that history is an act of power through which we definitively disintegrate the illusion of ‘I’. That history is not composed of words or images, although it is entirely possible to realign with any
    of them in order to make the return journey.” Continuing with his explanation, don Melchor clarified that point: “The memories we usually access during our genetic recapitulation are in fact impressions that jolt the totality of our fibres, making us aware of why we are as we are, and why we react as we habitually do. Genetic recapitulation brings us into contact with the immense burden we carry, imprinted in us as the heritage from our ancestors. As a result of this type of recapitulation, we introduce ourselves to a unique dimension where sensations hold priority over the mind, making it possible for us to perceive the forces acting upon us. Every aware being in the universe is connected to a particular luminous fibre. The act of focusing on one of these lines is called aligning. To align, therefore, means to live a particular experience, past or present, contained in the vast ocean of awareness." *

    (za Kostovića i Kurijaka skupa..... "samnom" ?!)


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