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Nisu emocije tiha sreća -:)

Nisu emocije tiha sreća -:)
Kompliciraju li nam emocije život -:)

Kompliciraju li nam emocije život -:)

Nisu emocije tiha sreća...

Emocije su vihor, pijavica, tornado, uragan...

Neki se zaljube jedanput za cijeli život, a neki se stalno iznova zaljubljuju...

Možda bi trebali učiti od trava, one se pod vjetrom poviju, a kad vjetar utihne opet se veselo usprave...

Neki toliko varaju svoju izabranu ljubav, da na kraju prevare sami sebe...

Možemo izabrati sve što želimo, ali onda se ne bi smjeli žaliti na Sudbinu, Boga, druge ljude...

Opijeni slobodom zaboravimo da svi naši slobodni izbori i odluke lete posvuda za nama...

U ljutnji čovjek napravi najviše štete, sebi i drugima...

U euforiji sreće i veselja, previdimo svu bijedu svijeta...

U mržnji razorimo sve što smo gradili čitav život...

Teško se oporavljamod emocionalnih trauma...

Možda bi trebali učiti od trava, one se pod vjetrom poviju, a kad vjetar utihne opet se veselo usprave...




  • 03.01.2020. 15:55h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0


    Glava okrunjena trnjem = Kao um okovan vremenom ?

    Glava klonuta u desno " Kao dominantnost desnog tijela ?

    Ruke širom zatvorene = Vi ništa ne možete da činite ?

    Noge kao sapletene = Privid kretanja i vrtimo u krug ?

    Križ = Stup sramote i krivice ?

    Čovijek u naručju palog anđela = Neopazivi se krije u strukturi ?

    Uzašli Isus = Neopiranje je največa moč !?

    Jeli ovo kao u nekoj rodbinskoj vezi ???




    Da smo prije znali i ako bog kažnjava do trečeg koljena ??


    I jedno poglavlje za pod uzglavlje pa možda unučad u četvrtom koljenu i izađe iz dužničkog ropstva ?

    *Ohtli Necuapalli
    Once, while teaching us about keeping our energy layers tight, don Melchor spoke of something that in the language of the healers meant ‘shredding the basic components’ and could be translated as ‘genetic recapitulation’. The only way to revitalize our congenital energy and put it entirely at the disposal of our awareness was by compacting it, he said. To achieve this, it was first necessary to scrutinise it from the base up. I remembered that Carlos had touched upon that topic in one of his talks. He said it was essential to know our energetic potential, and that it was therefore necessary to investigate our origins by discovering how our parents had made us. In one of his public lectures in which I assisted, he said: "By finding out what mood our parents were in at the time of our conception, we can say for certain whether the act that brought us to this world was infiltrated by ethical or religious concerns. Through meticulous scrutiny it is possible to find out whether or not there was passion. Without passion, the act was mediocre and lacked the necessary strength." Carlos classified himself as the product of a bored fuck. He told us that because of our socialization, very few people had in fact issued from passionate relationships. Because of that, his teacher advised him to be very cautious with the use of his energy, and said that in his case all excesses were strictly forbidden. Don Genaro used to tease him, saying that his chilli was just for urinating and that he was allowed to give it only two shakes after peeing, because the third one, for him, would count as masturbation. It was Carlos’s custom to illustrate his teachings with jokes and funny comments. On one occasion when the topic of sex was being discussed, he told us that until recently the Spanish did not even undress during sexual intercourse. The idea that it was a sin was so strong that, to rid themselves of the guilt for participating in so sinful an act, they would kneel beside the bed and in their prayers repeat the refrain, “Not as vice, not because it’s nice, but to place a son in Thy service.” Carlos had spoken the invocation with an exaggerated Castilian accent, which provoked a wave of laughter in the audience. He then added more seriously: "It is easy to predict the energy level of the creature that is being created in that kind of relationship." He added that in our case, it was possible to determine how we were made in two ways: by directly asking our parents, or by using a specialized form of recapitulation, of which he gave no details on that occasion. Answering a question, he said: "A good recapitulation has no limits. It can take you back to the moment of your birth, and beyond. Since, for couples, sexual intercourse often turns into a mandatory event which must be performed regardless, it tends to become an ordinary, boring act in which the fire of passion has died, leaving daily routine in its place. The ones who pay the greatest price for this transformation are the children, born with an energy level so low that they are like old people from the day they are born." That is why Carlos once said of one person in the group that he was fortunate to have been a bastard. He explained that, in that type of relationship, there was at least a chance of there being enough passion during the act of procreation. It was doubtlessly due to this that the energy level of the person in question was higher than normal. *** The healers’ tradition also uses those concepts. One of the speakers once commented
    on an extract from the Bible which said that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven meant to be born a second time. Don Melchor later explained what the passage was about, and confirmed that it contained a great truth. He said: “It is not a metaphor but a literal truth. If we manage to unravel the events of our lives and arrive at the rudimental vibration which created us, the possibility of performing an energy miracle will open to us. By returning to our origins, we can compact the energy involved in that initial act of creation, and in that way rescue our integrity. Sorcerers take recapitulation seriously, because it not only helps one get rid of the burdens imposed upon us by daily life, it can also reverse the stigma of the original sin, which is to be born without energy. That is how retracing the path helps us in a very profound way, effecting changes at the fundamental level. We are not only what we consciously and unconsciously decree. At birth, we acquire the heritage from the generations that preceded us. By recapitulating and cancelling undesirable commands, it is possible to modify our basic structure and shape our character at will. It is the only way we can rid ourselves of unconscious repetitions, the only way we can prevent the onslaught of diseases and other conditions that may have been programmed into the heritage we got from our ancestors. Only by returning to our origins can we correct any fault that may have been there at the moment of our formation. This is achieved by breaking the basic components of our character down to their minimum expression. The warrior then uses intent to reconsolidate himself as a whole, now free of external commands. Although the revision of basic components as such has no power to cancel out our parents’ acts, it does help restore our totality as luminous beings. For sorcerers, constructing their energy body is a work of art that usually takes a lifetime to complete. That is why they are so meticulous about anything relating to that goal.” I asked don Melchor how it was possible to recapitulate something that happened before we even existed. He replied: “The memory we use in our daily lives is cerebral. Here, however, the type of recollection sorcerers seek has to do with our origins, when we did not have a description of the world around us. To be sure, our basic components, or the energy fibres that make us up, obviously had to be present at the moment of our creation. Those fibres recorded it all.” Along the same line of thought, he clarified: "I’m not referring only to the physical aspect of our birth but to the exact moment of our formation as units of luminosity. I am talking about luminous fibres, where the fusion of two segments in a given moment produces the spark of individual awareness. To our luminous body, the passage of time means nothing, so much so that it is perfectly capable of activating those very same filaments that were employed at the exact moment of our creation. That is the warriors’ feat. Achieving it, one might even get to perceive oneself as one really is: a fibre of light aware of itself. Every human being’s potential includes all the capacities of a warrior; it is just a matter of activating them. Everything begins with an initial act of will. If we then faithfully continue reviewing our actions, we successfully revive our link with the spirit. A warrior, then, is someone who has literally been reborn, or rather, someone who has recreated himself and has been conceived anew, only this time fully, passionately and free from the fetters of socialization. The complete history of our ancestors is stored in our basic components. Retrieving that history is an act of power through which we definitively disintegrate the illusion of ‘I’. That history is not composed of words or images, although it is entirely possible to realign with any
    of them in order to make the return journey.” Continuing with his explanation, don Melchor clarified that point: “The memories we usually access during our genetic recapitulation are in fact impressions that jolt the totality of our fibres, making us aware of why we are as we are, and why we react as we habitually do. Genetic recapitulation brings us into contact with the immense burden we carry, imprinted in us as the heritage from our ancestors. As a result of this type of recapitulation, we introduce ourselves to a unique dimension where sensations hold priority over the mind, making it possible for us to perceive the forces acting upon us. Every aware being in the universe is connected to a particular luminous fibre. The act of focusing on one of these lines is called aligning. To align, therefore, means to live a particular experience, past or present, contained in the vast ocean of awareness." One participant asked what the object of the exercise was, because it was bound to be hard work. Don Melchor replied: "You cannot evaluate the results of that effort unless you personally commit to it. Anyone can understand that the practical results of that work are of enormous importance because it has to do with the reason for our existence: keeping the flame of awareness alight. Every living being in the universe is fighting for the same thing, whether they know it or not. It is like a cosmic game where only those who manage to pass each evolutional stage can progress. Recapitulation should be the main task of our life. One can’t know what one is missing if one’s never had a point of comparison. People have no idea how the transmission of the basics components affects them, and are therefore constantly exposed." Explaining the transmission of our personal characteristics by means of basics components, don Melchor said that this phenomenon occurred not only vertically, in the transmission from parents to children, but also horizontally, through other mechanisms of contact. The way in which the presence of others affects us is a good example of this. He said that was why the saying "Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are" was indisputably true. "When our energy interacts with that of others, we receive something from them, and the other way round. That exchange of filaments is what needs to be reset, and only a good recapitulation can do it. That is why warriors go to extremes to save energy by strictly avoiding taking part in activities that might drain their personal power." He gave the way sorcerers interacted with ordinary people as an example: "One can only deal with mundane people through acting, by dodging them to avoid being ensnared in their coils." What Carlos called the art of stalking, the healers called the art of acting. Don Melchor said that in interacting with the people they were healing, the healers ran a calculated risk. It was therefore common for them to disappear from time to time to retrace their steps. Consequently, whenever it was difficult to find someone in the group at a given moment, everyone would know that he or she had ‘retired’, and under no circumstances was to be disturbed. That is how they referred to someone who was busy recapitulating. Don Melchor commented: "That is the only way one can stay on top of things; otherwise you sink under the pressure of relationships, and end up acting like ordinary people do; such is the power of exchanging the basic components." Someone wanted to know how it affected the relationship between parents and children.
    At the time of conception, don Melchor explained, parents fused their energy. Each parent donated a light fibre of his or her own energy to form the new life. The miracle of conception consisted of trapping a handful of filaments of the energy at large inside a new luminous cocoon. That is how new life was formed. "Following the creation of a new being, the energies of parents and children inevitably remain intermingled because each is part of the other. But recapitulation is very useful even then because it minimizes the loss of energy." He told us about a custom of the ancients that was still observed in rural communities: one never carried a child in front of one’s body, but mounted on the hip or on one’s back. Adults were also very careful not to embrace the child frontally. That practice came from the sorcerers who knew that affection for children was, in reality, concern, and that parents were energetically drained through that feeling. Frontal embraces increased the drainage, which is why they opted for carrying the child strapped to the back or seated on the hip. "It is also a favour to the little one since it helps the child feel more independent and have self-confidence. It is all about saving every bit of energy possible. It is an effort similar to following a diet, and it is available to everyone. All one needs do is to make a commitment to oneself. Unfortunately, as with a diet, the main factor is discipline, and as even the simplest decision to change requires an extra amount of energy, most people are not even fit to embark on such an undertaking. When people are told they need to reassess the aspects of their life which they are most attached to, they do an about-turn and leave the issue for another day, saying, ‘What? Me, stay single?’ or, ‘Me, give up smoking? No, anything but that!’ If we manage to solve the problem of energy we will have made a huge step; we will have entered another world. But how many of us are willing to pay the price?" *** I remember being assigned a very special exercise during our training. The exercise consisted of walking backwards while treading in our own footsteps with precision. At first I thought it would be easy, but trying to do it, I realised it was much more difficult than I had thought. The level of concentration and physical control required was extremely intense, and the execution had to be perfect. We spent months training before we were sufficiently skilled to do it. After a tiring day of practice, don Melchor came over to us and explained the finer points of the exercise. It was, he said, a representation of the sorcerers’ task called ohtli necuapalli, or retracing the steps. Smiling, he turned to me, his index finger in the air, and in the professorial manner, as if expounding something very intellectual to his students, said Carlitos called it re-ca-pi-tu-la-tion. Everyone turned to me and laughed. Don Melchor continued with his explanation: "Sorcerers-healers also practise recapitulation, but we’ve added confessing our sins to Grandfather Fire to the technique. Also, in certain cases, one must undertake a return journey and return to the exact location where the recapitulated incident occurred, because there, with the help of correct breathing, one can recover one’s soul. You may have heard that healers make return journeys to retrace their steps. That is meant literally. They return to every place they passed through and where they left energy smears. They collect every crumb they may have left scattered along the way. The whole process requires a lot of preparation, as if getting ready to attend a very important event -- the most important of all events, in fact: the recovery of the totality of oneself. The warrior, then, prepares for the return journey, and, when he gets back to a place or meets people involved in the past events, he uses recovery techniques, and calls back the
    energy he’d left behind." “How do we recover lost energy? What is the procedure?” someone asked. "For that you have to use intent. Having got to the place where his energy was compromised, the warrior gets ready to draw on his reverting power. The procedure for recovering energy is to make our hands into claws and, inhaling gently or hard as appropriate, grab the emotions we injected into the place. To get rid of any undesirable energy that may have been deposited in us there, one makes a gesture of rejection starting from the middle of the chest, and, while doing that, exhales. In the case of recovering energy left in another person, all you have to do is touch them once with your left hand, and once with your right to give back the energy that has been left in you." "Is there a particular place on the other person’s body that one should touch?” "In most cases a simple squeeze of hand will do, but sometimes it is necessary to touch the chest of the other person." I was able to verify for myself the efficacy of those procedures and can say that to recapitulate in conjunction with the healers’ practice of visiting the places where the events of one’s life took place greatly increases the power of ordinary recapitulation. In my particular case, I was able to see the results when I tried to retrace my steps on the subject of my family history. It was not until I had recovered every fibre of my energy that I could get the full measure of the value of this procedure. On another occasion, in a private conversation, don Melchor told me: "Once we accept the challenge of being a warrior, the first thing we must do is retrace our steps, because that will give us the extra energy we’ll need to start making other changes. It is the only thing that can give an assistant an understanding of what he is doing. If one tries to become a healer without recapitulating, one is lost in endless doubts and hesitations.” After a moment of silence, he added: "Through recapitulation, one can even change appearance." “What does that mean, don Melchor?” “I’m saying that sorcerers can change their appearance at will. Don Gabinito is an example. I’m mentioning it because you’ve often asked me how such transformations can be done. I can now tell you that everything starts with recapitulation."
    I told doña Silvia once that I was having difficulties with my recapitulation. To help me, she said, referring to her weaving: "Our life is like this fabric. To retrace our steps, we must become aware of how our energy is interwoven. If one understands the tangle of one’s life, it is much easier to unravel it." That day she showed me a totally different recapitulation technique from the one I had been using so far. The system had no name, but I half-jokingly called it ‘recapitography’ because I had to write down the particulars of my recollection in detail on the bark of trees. The strips of bark were then exposed to the winds, after which they were ceremoniously burned, either privately or collectively. She said: "Retracing steps serves not only to resolve traumas but also as a powerful technique for improving the quality of life. It is something everyone should do as a discipline. The benefits of that exercise include improved memory and becoming more aware of oneself and one’s surroundings. We recover whatever was taken from us during energy attacks by people as well as by nasty mountain winds." *

    Emotivci bi se pak trebali prvo dobro isplakati a onda i očvrsnuti baš nalik ženama koje također cmizdre ali su i neuništive i vječne ?!

    **»Vračevi kažu da pomoću discipline sjajni omotač svijesti postaje bljutav za letača«, reče don Juan ispitujući moje lice ne bi li otkrio znak nevjerice. »Tada su grabežljiva zatečeni. Nejestivi sjajni omotač je izvan dometa njihove spoznaje, pretpostavljam. Kada su zatečeni, ne preostaje im ništa drugo nego da se suzdrže od svoga opakog nauma.« »Ako grabežljivci neko vrijeme ne jedu naš sjajni omotač svijesti, on raste«, nastavi. »I dalje će rasti. Jednostavno rečeno, vračevi pomoću discipline drže grabežljivce po strani dovoljno dugo da im sjajni omotač svijesti može narasti iznad visine nožnih prstiju. Kad naraste iznad visine nožnih prstiju, onda raste dalje do svoje prirodne veličine. Stari su vračevi govorili da je sjajni omotač svijesti poput drveta. Ako ga netko ne odreže, naraste do svoje prirodne veličine. Kad svijest prijeđe visinu nožnih prstiju, goleme opažajne sposobnosti postaju nešto sasvim prirodno.« »Jedan od sjajnih trikova kojima su se služili stari vračevi«, nastavi don Juan, »bio je opterećivanje letačeva uma disciplinom. Otkrili su da kad opterete letačev um unutrašnjom tišinom, strana ugradnja nestane, te tako svaki praktičar koji sudjeluje u tom zahvatu postaje potpuno siguran da je taj um bio stranog podrijetla. Strana ugradnja se vraća, uvjeravam te, ali nema više takvu snagu kao prije. Usto, uklanjanje strane ugradnje za vrača postaje rutina, te je se sve lakše oslobađa, dok je se jednog dana konačno ne riješi zauvijek. Tužan dan doista! Tog se dana moraš osloniti na vlastite izvore, koji su gotovo jednaki ništici. Nema više nikoga tko bi ti rekao što činiti.
    Nema stranog uma koji bi ti naređivao da se baviš idiotskim stvarima na koje si naviknuo.« »Moj učitelj, nagual Julian, uvijek je upozoravao sve svoje učenike«, nastavi don Juan, »da je to najteži dan u vračevu životu, jer je naš istinski um, u kojem je pohranjeno naše cjelokupno životno iskustvo, naviknut na podčinjeni položaj te je postao sramežljiv, nesiguran i nepostojan. Ja osobno mislim da vračeva prava borba počinje tog časa. Sve ostalo samo je priprema.« **

    ***Kupanje u kadi me je spasilo. Kad me je don Juan izvukao iz ledene vode, osjećao sam se mnogo bolje.

    »Divna li prizora!« ponavljao sam ne mogavši se sjetiti što bih drugo rekao. Grabežljivac kojeg je don Juan opisivao nije bio dobrohotan. Bio je strahovito težak, golem, ravnodušan. Osjetio sam da nas prezire.
    Nema sumnje, ugnjetavao nas je vjekovima, pretvorivši nas, kao što je rekao don Juan, u slaba, ranjiva i beskorisna bića. Skinuo sam sa sebe mokru odjeću, navukao pončo, sjeo na krevet. Ridao sam kao malo dijete, ali ne zbog sebe. Bio sam bijesan, imao sam neslomljivu namjeru da im ne dopustim da me pojedu. Plakao sam za svojima bližnjima, osobito za ocem. Nikada do tog trenutka nisam znao da ga toliko volim.

    »On nikad nije imao mogućnost/šansu«, čuo sam se kako neprestano ponavljam, kao da to zapravo nisu bile moje riječi. Jadni moj otac, najbrižnija osoba koju sam poznavao, tako nježan, tako blag, tako bespomoćan.***

    ......a onda obrišemo nos i' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJbbgXdHaN8  !,O'O,!

  • 03.01.2020. 22:40h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0

    Emotivno pogođen "konzistentnošču"......

    .......*konzistentnost • (ženski rod) Čvrstina, postojanost, zbijenost, stalnost (lat.)*

    Možda je posrijedi nekakav "praiskonski strah" u smislu:*One must start with the principle that everything is energy, because otherwise we will always be stopped
    by the hardness of the physical world* ?

    Šta bi to onda bila "konzistentnost" a u kontekstu *ne postoji uredan niz logičnih koraka..... a još bi um i to jedva dočekao* ?

    "Konzistentnost" bi bila podrazumljiva u "objekt-objeku" tojest u gradnji "piramida moči" i "katedrala samovažnosti" ili i ostalih "oblika kojima se ljudi ovdje klanjaju" ?

    U kontekstu "rat je tvorevina uma" konzistentnost postoji i u tome da je u 3000 godina bilo 5000 ratova ?

    Da je kojim slučajem "geocentrični sustav" ostao konzistentan mi bi i danas konzistento spaljivali vještice ?

    Konzistentni smo i kada nekome/nečemu pripišemo ime i onda znamo tko/što je to ?

    Konzistentni smo zapravo u *jer činjenica je da neznate i samo ste imenom prekrili Misteriju* ?

    Istinski Konzistentan bi bio samo "Provodnik Duha" a u tom kontekstu bi naša "samorefleksija" bila skroz neKonzistentna !?

    Ovdje ima također nekonzistentnosti u "logičnim koracima" ali se to može i opravdati sa "ne-rad koji se racionalizuje postaje rad"...... rekli bi suglasno (u dakordu) naši Predsjednici !

    **Rekao je da su ljudska bića preuzela od dinosaurusa osobinu viđenja neba u plavoj boji. Sa druge strane, izjavio je da naši rođaci, primati, vide nebo u žutoj boji.

    Odgovarajući na nečije pitanje, opisao je svet u kome živimo kao “konglomerat jedinica tumačenja.”

    Shvatajući da je ta definicija jedna od nejasnih za njegove slušaoce, objasnio je:
    - 77 -

    “Čovek pripada grupi primata. Njegova velika sreća je da može postići jedinstve izražaje svesnosti zahvaljujući svojoj sposobnosti za pažnju i analizu. Međutim, čista percepcija je uvek pod uticajem načina na koji tumačimo. Radi toga, naša stvarnost oblikuje sebe u skladu sa našim opisima.”

    “Cilj čarobnjaka je da opažaju sve što je ljudima moguće. Pošto ne možemo da izbegnemo našu biološku uslovljenost, dajte da onda bar budemo plemeniti majmuni!”

    “Da bi smo usavršili svoje razumevanje”, dodao je, “put pažnje je sve što imamo.”

    Iste večeri mi se ukazala prilika da razgovaram sa njim pa sam ga zamolio da za mene razloži svoje izjave na manje delove. Rekao je da zbog naše biološke uslovljenosti, svi mi funkcionišemo kao opažajna jedinica. Zato nam je moguće da učinimo “čudo pažnje: Opažajno usklađivanje.”

    “Šta znači ‘opažajna jedinica’?” upitao sam.

    “To znači da, pošto smo autonomna bića, naše opažanje može takođe biti autonomno. Ali, nije tako, zato što kada se složimo sa našim bližnjima, svi opažamo istu stvar. Izvanredna sposobnost, koja počinje kao dobrovoljni pristanak usmeren ka opstanku, završava kao vezivanje za naše sopstvene opise.”

    Tvrdio je da je tok Orlovih ispoljavanja stalno nov i zbunjujući, ali ga mi ne vidimo jer živimo za tri koraka pomereni od stvarnog sveta: Naše urođene osećajnosti, našeg biološke interpretacije i naših socijalnih saglasnosti.

    Ovi koraci se ne događaju u isto vreme, ali njihova brzina je nadmoćna prema bilo čemu što možemo svesno odrediti; radi toga, mi uzimamo kao činjenicu svet koji opažamo.

    Zamolio sam ga da pruži neki primer.

    Odgovorio je:

    “Zamisli da u ovom trenutku posmatraš grupu Orlovih ispoljavanja. Automatski, ti ih pretvaraš u nešto senzorno, sa osobinama poput sjaja, zvuka, kretanja itd. Posle toga se umeša pamćenje koje ima obavezu da svemu da značenje i prepozna ih, na primer kao drugu osobu. Konačno, tvoj socijalni inventar ih klasifikuje upoređujući tu osobu sa onima koje poznaješ; ta klasifikacija ti omogućava da je prepoznaš. Tada si se već prilično udaljio od stvarnih činjenica, koje su neopisive, zato što su jedinstvene.”

    “Ista stvar se događa sa svime što posmatramo. Naše shvatanje je rezultat dugačkog procesa prečišćavanja ili ‘skidanja kajmaka’, kako ga je don Huan nazivao. Mi skidamo kajmak sa svega i na taj način prepravljamo svet koji nas okružuje u nešto toliko uopšteno tako da ostaje malo mesta za stvarnost. Iako nam te senzacije pomažu da živimo u boljim uslovima, to takođe koči našu kreativnost i čini nas predvidljivima.”

    - 78 -
    “Kada uskladimo naše skupne tačke, jedina stvar koju dopuštamo u vezi opažanja su one stvari koje se ne suprostavljaju našim unapred određenim predstavama o svetu. Mi smo poput konja koji, pošto su naučili put, više ne uživaju u svojoj slobodi; sve što čine je ponavljanje šeme. To usklađivanje je užasno, to je previše. Razmislite o ovome: Nešto tu nedostaje!”

    Tvrdio je da nas svaka unapred smišljena predstava, čak i nešto tako jednostavno kao što su nazivi koji dajemo stvarima, drži vezanim za razum, jer nas to prisiljava da stvorimo mašineriju suđenja.

    “Na primer, kada kažete: ‘Ja verujem u Boga’, u stvari vi kažete: ‘Oni su mi rekli izvesne ideje i ja sam odabrao da ih usvojim; a sada sam spreman i da ubijem zbog njih’. Tako da vi niste oni koji odlučuju! To rade drugi, to je usađeno rasuđivanje.”

    “Bilo bi savršeno kada bi ste ustanovili svoj život na temelju svog ličnog iskustva. Ako vaša verovanja zahtevaju nešto što je izvan vas, čuvajte se! Sve što vas ne čini slobodnim, zarobljava vas.”

    “Biti usredsređen na pojedinačni aspekt ljudskog popisa ima dva efekta: To stvara od nas stručnjake na tom polju, ali, u isto vreme, to će zamrznuti energetske kanale, kojima je jedini način da reaguju preko izvesnih nadražaja, zatrpavajući našu ličnost idejama i sudovima.**

    *Njegova uvodna tema je bila ono što je nazvao “ne-rad”, aktivnost posebno sačinjena da ukloni svaki trag svakodnevnih navika iz naših života. Tvrdio je da je “ne – rad” najbolja vežba za učenike, zato što ih uvodi u čudesne okolnosti i stvara vrlo osvežavajuću pometnju u njihovoj energiji. Efekat toga na njihovu svest naziva se “zaustavljanje sveta”.
    - 25 -

    Odgovarajući na neka pitanja, objasnio je da “ne-rad” ne može biti racionalizovan. Svaki napor ka njegovom razumevanju je u stvari interpretacija učenja – i automatski spada u oblast “rada”.

    “Za čarobnjake, pravilo postupanja sa ovom vrstom prakse je unutrašnja tišina i kvalitet tišine neophodan za nešto tako strašno kao što je “zaustavljanje sveta” može doći jedino u direktnom dodiru sa velikom istinom našeg postojanja: da smo svi mi na putu da umremo.”*

    ***Ono za čim su čeznuli je da žive po svaku cenu i to su i uspeli!”

    “Drevni vidovnjaci su započeli pomeranje svoje skupne tačke pomoću konzumacije moćnih biljaka. Posle toga, neorganski učitelji su im govorili šta da rade. To je sve što im je bilo potrebno da usredsrede svoje želje u pravcu razumevanja šta je svet, i ta želja je učinila da stvore najneobičnije postupke za istraživanje svesnosti.”

    “Ali, nemoj da misliš kako su drevni vidovnjaci samo ljudi od akcije. Oni su takođe bili suštinski mislioci koji su su doveli umetnost razumevanja do krajnjih granica. U poređenju sa njima, mi smo životinje. Danas se čovek ne zapitkuje o tome kako to da je živ i zato ne može da se smiri i pronađe samog sebe. Mi imamo mnogo toga da naučimo od naših prethodnika koji su pronašli odgovore koji mogu da nam donesu prevazilaženje smrti tako što ćemo da se sa njom suočimo.”

    “O čemu smrt i ti razgovarate?”

    “O našoj predstavi sveta kao čvrstih predmeta. Ta predstava se pokazala kao veoma korisna, ali u isto vreme ona je pogubna u poređenju sa našim neuspesima. Brige savremenog čoveka su iste kao i one koje brinu neku životinju: Iskorišćavanje, posedovanje, kontrola. Ali, ta životinja je pripitomljena i dirigovana da živi unutar materijalnog popisa. Dokle god svaku od tih stvari koristi kao kontinuirano nasleđe, savremeni čovek provodi svoj život izgubljen unutar svojih sopstvenih tvorevina.”

    “Nasuprot tome, ono čemu su težili drevni vidovnjaci je bio odnos između kosmosa i bića koje će umreti. Oni su bili sposobni da prevaziđu svoje sopstveno mišljenje. Oni se nisu zaustavili na usputnoj stanici i zaboravili da su putnici.”***

    **Govorila je kako pre rodenja, čoveku nametnuta dualnost ne postoji, ali od rodenja nadalje, ta dva dela su razdvojena uticajem namere ljudskog roda. Jedan deo se razvija prema spoljašnosti i postaje fizičko telo, dok se drugi okreće k unutrašnjosti i postaje dvojnik. Kada čovek umre, taj teži deo, odnosno telo se vraća zemlji, dok se dvojnik oslobada. Ali nažalost, pošto se dvojnik nikad nije usavršio, on doživljava slobodu samo na jedan tren pre no što bude raspršen u svemir.
    "Ako umremo a da prethodno ne izbrišemo lažni dualizam tela i duha, znači li to da ćemo umreti običnom smrću?"
    "A kako drugačije možemo da umremo?"
    Klara je piljila u merie izdignuvši jednu obrvu. Glasom koji je zvučao kao da mi se poverava, reče da mi umiremo zato što nam mogućnost transformacije još nije prodrla u koncepciju. Naglasila je da ova transformacija mora da bude postignuta za života a da je to jedini istinski cilj koji ijudsko biće može da ima. Sva druga dostignuća su prolazna, pošto ih smrt rastače u ništavilo.
    "Šta ova transformacija iziskuje?" upitah.
    "Iziskuje potpunu promenu," rekla je. "A to se postiže rekapitu-lacijom: a ona je kamen temeljac umeća slobode. Umeće kojem ću te naučiti zove se umeće slobode, umeće koje je bez sumnje izuzetno teško upražnjavati ali čak teže objasniti."**

    P.s:Briga za druge proizilazi iz brige za "sebe" ?!

    Prava ljubav je rijetka pojava..... pa je stoga i strah realan čimbenik samoodržanja ???

    *The everyday world is a gigantic edifice but it rest on just three cornerstones:*...... pa bi tako mogli a emotivno zaključiti da je "konzistentnost" jedan od ta "tri kamena" u a možda i *prvi korak na putu koji vodi iz zatvora našeg svakodnevnog ja* ??

  • 03.01.2020. 23:09h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0

    Redeviennent des enfants


    Kao "zameo ih vjetar" ili "bilo jednom suza na kiši"...... wild west- u ?! 


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