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OD 14.01.2018.


Gledam ova dva muška lika u lopatanju i razmišljam „što je pisac htio reći“. Čini li se i vama da se jedan trudi, a drugi zabušava jer možda misli da je svaka muka i napor beskoristan i uzaludan.


Gledam ova dva muška lika u lopatanju i razmišljam „što je pisac htio reći“. Čini li se i vama da se jedan trudi, a drugi zabušava jer možda misli da je svaka muka i napor beskoristan i uzaludan.

Novac uvijek izaziva ili zadovoljstvo ili nezadovoljstvo, trećeg nema, možda su zato dva lika na karti. Oni su bosih nogu, goli i bosi, reklo bi se..

Posao, planiranje, budućnost poslovanja. Plodovi iz napornog rada.

Značenje: Stres zbog dugova. Gubitak novca. Neispunjena očekivanja. Zar u životu postoji samo muka i tlaka, samo naporan rad?  Kad će neko zadovoljstvo? Napravi pauzu, odmori se.  

Ova karta skreće pozornost na činjenicu da osim što trebamo raditi i zarađivati ​​novac trebamo naći vremena i za duhovnost. Trebamo uživati čak i u djelomičnom uspjehu. Sama slika na karti naglašava važnost ustrajnosti i dosljednosti u akciji.  

Nađi vremena za procjenu stvari. Kad smo zauzeti, nemamo vremena analizirati ono što činimo i zašto. Možemo postići rezultate koje želimo? Forsiranja se mogu razviti u ozbiljne probleme ako  temeljito ne razmotrmo sve. Sedam novčića također može ukazati na raskršća. U životu često živimo rutinu. To nije tako lako, a ni dobro, treba nešto mijenjati.





  • 10.01.2016. 00:04h

    Član emilioMerlin2

    "I?ve come to take you."

    One night, doña Lucrecia came to visit. She belonged to a group of healers that lived in another
    village. In the middle of the conversation she started telling us about the war of the sorcerers
    and how I was the result of it. I immediately became curious and wanted to know the details, but
    noticed don Melchor giving doña Lucrecia an imperceptible sign to be silent. She changed the
    subject with natural ease.
    Doña Lucrecia fitted the classic description of a witch. Her face was fearsome. Crosseyed,
    she also had a wart on her nose, and some of her teeth were missing. The other
    assistants had warned me about her, saying that she was crazy and very eccentric.
    One of the oddities they commented on was that she habitually went to every funeral in
    her village, and sometimes even to internments in nearby towns. When asked why she did it,
    she explained that she had had the ability to speak with the dead since childhood, and she
    liked to chat with them while they were still fresh.
    One of the assistants asked why she bothered with the dead.
    “And why shouldn’t I?” doña Lucrecia replied with a menacing air. “Because the living
    are more important?
    The discarnate ones have a great potential to prolong the continuation of their
    awareness in the other world, just like us. Unfortunately, just like the everyday world clouds our
    awareness, they are weighed down by memories of their experiences. When the dead are told
    of their chances, they ignore the advice, entangled in their memories, and are gradually
    consumed until nothing is left.
    I have helped hundreds find their way to the light. Most of them are like headless chicken
    when they first arrive, lost and confused. Nothing makes sense to them. Some arrive badly and
    don’t even know who they were or where they came from. Others set off in search of their
    fantasies straight away."
    “What fantasies do you mean?” we asked.
    She replied:
    “When people die, they sometimes have a hard time letting go of the world of the living,
    and will always cling to things. They’re full of ideas and fantasies of what is – or what should be
    – on the other side. So when they get there, that is exactly what they find. People who die see
    what they expect to find on the other side. The seers who visit that place see them as they
    really are: paralysed, staring into nothingness.”
    Doña Lucrecia said that in that place multitudes of awarenesses remained as motionless
    as zombies. Seers say that they are reliving their memories, recounting their experiences for
    one last time. They claim that this is what it is like when they are in the process of being
    consumed by the Eagle.
    That night doña Lucrecia told us about one of her terrible encounters with the dead. She
    said that many of them returned if they could and interfered in the everyday world of the living.
    She told us the story of a young man killed in a motorcycle accident. He had loved a girl madly.
    "When I was at the funeral,” she said, “I saw the young man wandering among the
    mourners. He was still wearing his black leather jacket. Nobody else saw him, but I noticed that
    whenever he approached someone, that person would become uncomfortable and move away.
    I watched him for a while. When the young man noticed I could see him, he came over to talk to
    me. For a moment I pretended not to hear, but then found a more secluded spot and asked him
    what it was he wanted. He begged me to contact his girlfriend and tell her he loved her.
    I was vexed and said that even death hadn’t rid him of his foolishness. We talked for a
    long time and became friends. I then began telling him about sorcerers and how they used their
    knowledge to continue their existence on another level of awareness. I spent several years with
    him, teaching him what was necessary for increasing his survival chances on his journey
    through the cruel world out there on the other side."
    One of the women inquired about Anita, and doña Lucrecia told her that she was fine
    and still increasing her abilities.
    We wanted to know who Anita was. Doña Lucrecia replied that it was her little girl, her
    daughter, but not one that had come out of her womb. She explained:
    “I found her at a wake, and it surprised me that she, too, could see the departed. As I
    talked to her, I could see that she was gifted. Her perception was very fluid. I asked her if she
    needed help since she appeared to be lost.
    The little girl told me she’d left her home following a spirit, and had ended up in that
    place. It is very common for evil spirits to entice children away in order to hurt them or even kill
    them but fortunately, this time, it had not been the case.
    She told me her name was Anita. I asked if she knew her way home. The little one
    lowered her head, and shrugged her shoulders as if to say, ‘Who knows?’ or ‘Who cares?’
    I took her to my house that night, hoping to return her to her family the next day. I actually
    asked around the town but no one knew her or anything about her. I even went to the police but
    they knew even less than the others.
    She now lives with me. I am helping her develop her skills, and she is becoming a very
    powerful little sorceress."
    On a more convenient occasion, curious, I asked doña Lucrecia about the war of the
    sorcerers. She replied that if I visited her at home, she’d tell me everything. I never did.
    In the course of another conversation, doña Lucrecia said, "Like the wise virgins in the
    parable who got ready for the arrival of their Lord, healers prepare for the greatest of all events:
    the pending appointment we have with our Death.
    "To deal with Death,” she said, “you have to reach an extreme state, beyond attachment
    to this world."
    She stated that Saint Death[16] was the only counsellor who always told the truth, and
    that we could all perceive Death if we focused our attention on her. She said that even ordinary
    people could sense her now and then.
    "Doctors in hospitals usually know that a person is about to 'kick the bucket' when he or
    she begins to see dead relatives and friends. That is normal. The proximity of Death breaks
    their fixation on the quotidian, and even those less prepared can perceive the other world.
    Our ancestors symbolically represented the passage to the other world by placing a jade
    bead representing a replica of their lives into the mouths of their dead. Those who had no
    money to give to the Hound of Hell would have to cross the River of Oblivion by themselves
    and would never manage to reach the other bank."
    Doña Lucrecia explained that this custom, based on the practice of sorcerers, served to
    remind the living that dying means sinking into the dark sea of awareness. To escape this fate,
    one must pay one’s debt to the spirit. Our life experience is what we owe, and the payment
    consists in unravelling every feeling, and every emotion we’ve had in our lifetime. That can be
    achieved by means of impeccable and thorough recapitulation. She said:
    “Instead of collectively remembering the dead one day a year as ordinary people do,
    sorcerers evoke the day on which they are going to die. That day, which is as real as any other,
    is much more memorable than any other date one might celebrate.
    To flow with Death means to become one with it, learn to accept it in such a way that it
    becomes a friend, so that, when the moment comes for us to set off for the valley of shadows,
    there will be no fear in us because we’ll know how cross the River of Oblivion. That is the only
    way to conquer Death.
    Smiling wickedly, doña Lucrecia glared at us with the eyes of the devil and said in a
    terrible voice:
    "I’ve come to take you."
    We all laughed: the healers with total abandon, and the rest of us with total




    Ili:Radi kao da češ živjeti sto godina i živi kao da češ sutra umrijeti?

    Bez vezivanja i osuđivanja....... i to je ta tiha patnja u "objekatskoj stvarnosti"??

    Ako ništa drugo osiječamo da nešto ne štima ili nedostaje!?


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