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OD 14.01.2018.


Tvoja Svjetlost Podsjeća druge na Njihovu Svjesnost. ( Emmanuel's Book)

Zar ne bi bilo prikladnije

Dubokoj čežnji svake duše

Da vidi vječnu Svjesnost

Kao ljubazan smijeh

Radije nego kao ozbiljnu kontemplaciju?


Život je težak samo ako niste povezani

S vječnom radošću.

Dobrim dijelom ozbiljnost nema nikakvu svrhu.

Vi trebate smijeh.

Vi trebate igru,svatko na svoj način.

            (Emmanuel's Book)




  • 20.01.2009. 09:45h

    Član jelenaMerlin1 :)
  • 02.05.2019. 17:25h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0


    ......ali su se možda i u međuvremenu "društveni arhetipovi" toliko izanđali da su čak i kontraproduktivni!?

    Možete-li-mo išta navesti kao stvarnu Vrijednost a da nije več i Komercijalizovana?

    Mnogi če reči "Vila" i eto ti njih na "ženevskom jezeru po bankariodima" a tražeči "ljubav"!

    Ali je i moguče da u kontekstu Puta Svile i "Sluz Život Znači" tojest i da je Ženski Princip neuništiv sve dok ima Svrhu pa čak i u "Promašaju".............. a time je i naš Krleža svrstan u aleju Ništavila putem "praznina-što je to" iliti i sa konsekvencama u zjenici oka moga po Staljinu koji je umro pretpostavljam u paranoji a onda i po Titou kojemu sam i vidio nevjericu u očima ala tipa "šta sve ovo znači":.

    Pa nismo od jučer ako smo se-sjebali...........

  • 02.05.2019. 18:21h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0

    Jeste li konačno shvatili.....

    ......ili vam ni nit ne ne fali da biste shvatili zašto Reklameri daju i Milione Dolara da bi vas Uhapsili na Vrhuncu Receprivne Nesvijesnosti "Putem Superbowla"??

    Ili i u novijoj verziji "HollyWooda".......... Marvelovih Spasitelja?

    Ne izgledaju li i sve te naše "zvijezde" tako jadno na tom Beskrajnom Pletnu ili su nas i samo htijele impresionirati pod dojmom svoga Cara???

    Pogledajte si samo koliko mrdaju guzicom a opet ju podaju "Ronaldu" nakon što su i privukle Pažnu na njegov Kurac jer i u čemu bi bila poanta spasti na nisku ili granu u du-bai!?

    Toest i zašto Šeici grade taj Šiljak u Nebo i zlorabe tolko Vode ako im i nebi....... s Neba i Rosilo?!

    I onda dječica nikako da odu dalje od svojih Otaca.....

    A kamo li i u..... prenatalno.

    Toest ubijati jogine i šireči vjeru a ne svijest.

    Za uzvrat imamo povrat ili i po vratu ali i duge cijevi.

    A valjda smo daleko nišanili pa nam ni pištolj nije dovoljan.

    Da bude i gore to se samo žandari i lopovi igraju "civilnog sektora".

    Koji onda obilato daje što je više podražavan:Ili recimo da je i "Lelo Sona" u kontekstu "dva mozga" jedinstvena jer može operirati i po svim akupresurnim točkama uključujuči i one "proste" tojest i i dalje inferiorna u odnosu na "5GMrežu"??!

    Češ ti meni ukinuti kaste po kastama..... rekla bi i Kaly Yuga!??

    A poanta bi bila i u kontekstu Magicusa kojega je koncipirala "umna svijesnost":*Profit at Minimum Cost In the liturgies in which we often participated as part of the group’s religious practice, we learned the particulars of the Catholic faith. I resented contact with religion at first, believing that I had already transcended that stage of my life. I did not like at all the idea of wasting my time listening to nonsense, but the matter was presented to me as a challenge, so I consented and accepted it as a task. I remember reading in one of the Nagual Carlos Castaneda’s books that it is not what we like, but what we do not like that counts in the struggle for impeccability. Being impeccable only under perfect conditions meant being a straw warrior, because straw warriors, when confronted with unexpected situations over which they had no control, fell apart and their self-importance re-emerged at absurd levels. Whenever he had a chance, at mass or during prayer sessions that were regularly held in the homes of the faithful, we would discuss the details of the doctrines. On one occasion the sermon was about the Ten Commandments. Later, back at the house, the healers gave us their version and their interpretation of the Commandments. Don Melchor said: “First of all it is necessary to expand on the vision of humanised God we inherited from the Europeans. The idea of God as a bearded man seated on a throne in the manner of the medieval kings is childish. Believing in something like that is tantamount to believing in children’s stories, like the story of Santa Claus which is presented to the infants as truth and later ends up as the first great disappointment of their lives, not so much because Santa doesn’t exist but because their parents lied. It is at that point that lying becomes part of the child’s world and it is actually the moment when children lose their innocence. To reach God, we need to recover our original purity which gave us the ability to believe in Santa Claus. The only way to conceive of God is abstractly because everything is vibrating energy. When we realize that we are part of that same energy, we integrate with God. Consider the billions of galaxies that exist in the universe, each with its billions of suns, each of them with planets revolving around it, all of it moving like clockwork. It is obvious even to atheists that there is a powerful creative force at work behind all that. Even they intuit that everything exists as part of something immeasurable and incomprehensible. That something is what people call God. Each religion and each culture has a different name for this infinity. Scientists call that nameless force ‘gravity’ without understanding their own words. We use names that came to us from antiquity. But names are really irrelevant. What matters is the effort one makes to come into direct contact with this force, with God. Contrary to the teachings brought by the Conquistadors who introduced us to a humanized God, we teach ourselves that God is an impersonal force encompassing absolutely everything that exists. As it has been said: “That force is not at all interested in man as a species, let alone in a particular individual, so it is useless to pray to it or ask anything of it. The human part of the Eagle is too small to sway it.” Sorcerers, however, know that there are ways to connect with that power. Our goal as healers is exactly that: to unite with God, with the intent of all things.” I remember my nervousness and unease when we were ordered to strictly observe the rules of the church. At first I was confused and distressed by those demands but later, as I struggled to meet them, I realized that there was more to it than I thought. Following the Ten Commandments helps a warrior achieve one of the most coveted goals of a sorcerer: impeccability, or ‘profit at minimum cost’ as they say. In the sessions in which we participated, we were taught the laws, commandments and rules until we had learned them all. At the beginning I really found it all quite repulsive.
    Fortunately, back home after the sermons, our elders clarified matters, giving us the healers’ explanation for the sermons and what lay behind the words that sounded hollow when delivered mechanically. On one of our evenings around the stove, doña Silvia gave the First Commandment as an example: “Love the Lord thy God above all things.” She said that superficially it would seem God needed the love of his faithful even more than his faithful needed him. According to the healers’ interpretation, however, that commandment summarized the entire struggle of the warrior. To them it represented their commitment to finding the source of awareness and consciously uniting with it. “The ultimate goal of all living things, whether they know it or not, is to preserve awareness. That is why death, or the idea of death, causes such fear. The reason for living is to acquire experience and be filled with knowledge and awareness. That is the food of the Eagle. At present, only sorcerers are aware of the possibility of disobeying the command to die and deliver their awareness to the Eagle, because they practise recapitulation. The Second Commandment was the next to be considered. It said, "Do not take God’s name in vain,” the words that generally end up mystifying people and causing the famous ‘fear of God’. Warriors, however, understand the real issue. They know the secrets of the power of words and use them for their purposes in a form that is reverent to the all-encompassing force, reverent to God. Warriors know how to behave in front of power, and approach it with the mandatory strength and humility." Someone in the room asked, “What does ‘power of the word’ mean?” "It means that every word matters, so be careful about what comes out of your mouth. But we will talk about that another time,” doña Silvia replied. “For now, let us continue with the topic of God’s law." Continuing with her analysis of the Commandments, she quoted: "’Honour thy father and thy mother.’ Unfortunately there are those who hate and deny their very source – their parents – and then extend their grudge against all that exists, including the very earth that gives them shelter. This original resentment is the cause of many diseases. A warrior is aware of the tremendous price that was paid for his life, and in the most detached manner honours and respects those who gave him existence. Only then can he fly free." We continued with the lessons through a number of sessions in order to learn the true meaning behind every Commandment so as to be able to understand what they really referred to. This made it much easier for me to commit to the work of religious conversion. I remember that doña Silvia gave us the task of hanging the Ten Commandments up on the wall in a visible place in our sleeping quarters, and learning them by heart. I thought I already knew them, but when I tried to write them down I realized I did not know them all that well, so I copied them down on a sheet of paper after checking the source. 1. Love the Lord thy God above all things. 2. Do not take God’s name in vain. 3. Keep the Sabbath holy. 4. Honour thy father and thy mother. 5. Do not kill. 6. Do not commit adultery. 7. Do not steal. 8. Do not bear false witness. 9. Do not suffer impure thoughts and desires. 10. Do not covet the possessions of another.
    Exodus (20,1-17) and Deuteronomy (5,6-21) In addition to the above, we were later given to learn the list of the seven deadly sins against which one must constantly be on guard. They are: Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Arrogance, Pride, Vanity and Envy[20]. *** In one of our meetings, the lecturer spoke at length about the modern man’s situation, saying that the society had lost its way and that evil had taken root in the hearts of people. Dark forces were seeking to stop human evolution, and those enemy forces worked tirelessly to cloud people’s minds and to change the purpose for which humans had been created in such a way that the old commandments based on morality and justice got swapped for those of the man in the street that go something like this: * First me, and next I. * Love thy possessions and cling unto them. * Lie and cheat to achieve thy goals. * Satisfy thy desires by any means. * Obtain profit at any cost. * Always seek pleasure and personal gain. * Take advantage of others. * Crush the weak. * Destroy that which thou canst not get. * If thou canst not accomplish something, do not let others accomplish it either. *** Part of that topic was the study of how the healers saw the world and what their Ten Commandments were. For that lesson, we walked up to some monumental caves the interior of which bore a strong resemblance to the vaults of Gothic churches. There, we were instructed in the commandments of energy or the Ten Commandments of the healers, which are: * Be good. * Be honest. * Be moral. * Be true. * Be impeccable. * Be patient. * Be detached. * Do good. * Cultivate energy. * Cultivate Silence. Here, don Melchor said: “The commandments of the healers are like a map to help us save energy.”*

    Ali če Magicus radije po Svakodnevnim Vjesnicima:*

    "This world is not as important as we make it out to be. Our language is biased; we call it 'reality' when it is really only one of many modes of the assemblage point. For convenience though let us refer to it as 'ordinary' reality.

    "Ordinarily once the Ushers do their work of helping us perceive the various energy configurations as 'objects,' the assemblage point is fixed once and for all and the assemblage point does not move thereafter.

    "We are forced to maintain a world of everyday life until we die.*


    **"1. Intend it.

    "2. Have an integrity about it - don't brag or compete (competition is the worst thing in the world, it is a primary support for the third cornerstone of everyday reality, the sense of self importance).

    "3. Discipline order harmony. Don't be random unless you intend it. Most people make a list and work backwards.

    "4. Breath. Direction not important. What is important is using the breath to pull the energy back.**

    Veri interesting.... rekle bi "krave" but iliti i i ostaje "pršut" toest i što Prasci misle o tome!


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    Hvala !

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    Dobar dan i vama, lijepo je da ste ovdje. Lp

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