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Mastery –of – Awareness – Living – the - Agreements


Gratitude and Respect

to the Mirrors Called Teachers

My mother Aurora Leyva Vigil (saint); my father Ramon Jose Duran

Vigil (provider and rock); grandmothers Dolores Nieto Leyva

(curandera and survivalist) and Dolores Duran Vigil (partera, mid-

wife); Sister Julita; Dr. Sherrie Abend-Fels; Lama Karma Dorji; don

Miguel Ruiz; doña Gaya Jenkins; Gurumayi; Sathya Sai Baba; the

sunsets that transformed my vision of Awakening; the moon, stars,

trees, and all the animals that shared their lives with me as tremen-

dous Unconditional Love; and especially Hiquitie, and myself.

Fellow Mirrors

Doña Gaya Jenkins, North; myself, South; doña Gini Gentry, East;

doña Rita Rivera, West.

Don Luis Molinar, Victoria Molinar, Trey Jenkins (Ramakrishna

Ananda), don Pedro.


Elena Avila, Gina Herrera, Reyna Luna, and Gabriela Lopez Water-


To The Warriors Who Trusted My Mirror

Arlene Broska, doña Wanda Lobito, don Nicola Prassinos, doña

Margarita Sanchez, don Chris Doxon, don Alvaro Sanchez,

Catharine Marzalik, Preetie Keel, Rhonan Heitzmann, David Norget,

Tess Carvajal, Lennie Tan, Gayle Dawn Price, Liz Forrest, Gloria

Valencia, Brandt Morgan, Mitra Sarkosh, Andrea Usher, M. Luisa

Guerrero, Lynda Foishe, Michael Humphery, Rudy Miera, Sandra

Grueiro, Heidi Shepherd, Christinea Johnson, Jean Rael, Kate Dow

Gaur, Manish Gaur, Mersedeh Kheradmand, Federique Botermans,

Gabby Peprisan, Samuel Rutenberg, Luis Kahn, Sandra Lee Tatum,

Viola Vigil, Belinda Trujillo, Jeanne and Jennifer Jenkins, Tita

Weems, Brian Claro, Juan Antonio Lopez, Wilma Leon, Tomas

Reale, Patricia Klesinger, Dolores Vigil Cruz, Alicia Maes, Pat

Lessard, Deidre Bainbridge, and Gerard.

Special Thanks


Cover Image

Title Page


Foreword by Miguel Ruiz


Chapter 1: Overview

The Dream of the Planet

The Toltecs


Chapter 2: The Domestication of your Soul

The Belief System

The Domestication Process

The Parasite

Chapter 3: The Judge and the Victim

The Judge

The Victim

The Swing between the Judge and the Victim

Chapter 4: Hooks and Masks



Chapter 5: Agreements

The Seeds of Behavior

The Altar Girl

The Abused Child

Chapter 6: Eduardo

Cultural Reflections

A Closer Look at Eduardo’s Beliefs and Agreements

Chapter 7: Mirrors and the Exchange of Energy


The Exchange of Energy

Chapter 8: Mary

Cycles of Attraction

First Steps Toward Awareness

Chapter 9: The Star of Freedom

The Dream

Words of the Star of Freedom

Chapter 10: The Eleven Agreements of the Spiritual Warrior

Taking Action

1. Awareness

2. Discipline

3. Nonjudgment

4. Respect

5. Patience

6. Trust

7. Love

8. Impeccability of Environment

9. Honesty

10. Taking Action

11. Impeccability of Energy

Chapter 11: Stalking

Shifting the Dream

The Level of the Jaguar Knight

The Level of the Eagle Knight

The Journey Begins

The Technique of Stalking

The Practice of Stalking

In Summary: Things to Keep in Mind for All Levels of Stalking

Chapter 12: The Spiral

The Final Battle

Birth of the Angel

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The Mastery of Awareness is an excellent recapitulation of more

than ten years of hard work on doña Bernadette’s journey down the

path of freedom. This is a fascinating description of the transfor-

mation of a woman who lived her life victimized by her own beliefs

and judgments about the role of a woman in society.

Doña Bernadette began a rebellion against the suffering that

women have endured for many centuries, a rebellion against the

roles that many women have assumed as helpless victims of soci-

ety. In her lifetime, she saw many women who had become victims

condemned to suffer endless abuse. Doña Bernadette did not want

to become another victim of injustice, so she chose to seek the path

of enlightenment and the path of the spiritual warrior.

On her journey, as doña Bernadette discovered the deception of

her point of view and the self-abuse that it produced, she began to

see the pain that all of her beliefs caused her. She had hidden for

too long behind the masks of righteousness, pride, and vanity.

Recovering her awareness was an extremely painful acknowl-

edgment of the truth and the lies of her creation. In this book, doña

Bernadette describes every step of her long and dedicated journey

with words spoken directly from the heart. With touching

authenticity, she shares her transformation from a helpless victim

into a woman of power and wisdom.

Doña Bernadette and I have worked together for more than ten

years. In the early years she was part of a special group of four wom-

en who practiced the Mastery of Transformation or Stalking, which

is part of the Mastery of Awareness. Doña Bernadette was my best

apprentice and soon became a master and nagual woman of my

party. The moment of her enlightenment occurred in Hawaii, and it

was then that she chose to transform her point of view completely

into one of love.

Since 1994 doña Bernadette has been guiding many apprentices

to their freedom. For many years she was my main assistant in dif-

ferent power journeys, and now she is the leader of her own power

journeys. The wisdom and love she has shared as a teacher in work-

shops and classes is now available in this book. Like the many peo-

ple whose lives have been enriched by doña Bernadette’s teachings,

you may find in this book the opportunity to change the direction of

your life.

Don Miguel Ruiz



path began during my search for happiness and contentment when I

was young. In my early years, I was always searching for something.

I took a lot of risks and often felt like I was going against society’s

belief systems. There was always some kind of struggle inside of

me. I didn’t feel happy or content in life. When I was very young, I

believed strongly in the Catholic Church and followed its teaching

with all my heart. I explored becoming a cloistered nun or monk. I

also visited other churches to see what their intentions were, what

their words were, and what their love was. None of them spoke to


Finally, I had an awakening when my partner came and told me

that our relationship was over. My heart was broken. Out of sadness

and self-pity, I decided to go inner tubing up in the mountains. My

first time down the mountain on the inner tube, I broke six ribs and

was hospitalized. It was New Year’s Eve. There was a full moon, and

it was a blue moon. That was in 1990. My ex-partner would not

come to see me in the hospital, and I had only a few visitors. My life

felt very empty. I realized that I was really truly alone, and that all of

us as human beings must go through our individual processes

alone, even when other people are around us.

As a child I had seen visions and spirits. In 1990, as I lay in the

hospital bed, I saw images of Jesus on the cross, falling at the speed

of light. The visions helped me look at my life. Even though I felt

heartbroken that my partner didn’t want to be with me, I realized

there was something more to life. My life was not about trying to

make somebody happy, or wanting somebody to make me happy. I

realized that I had to find happiness inside myself. This became my

intent. I wanted to feel total contentment and peace, so much so

that it wouldn’t matter if a partner stayed or left. If a partner chose to

leave, it wouldn’t ever again take my happiness away. Nothing


My accident was an awakening from Spirit, and not really an acci-

dent. Spirit was always talking to me, but I just didn’t listen, as most

people don’t. I needed to experience a shake-up in my physical body

so that I would have no place to run. I was forced to sit still for

weeks in order to heal. That sitting became a time of contemplation

and looking at myself. As soon as my six broken ribs healed, I went

to the K.S.K. Tibetan Buddhist Center and studied with Lama Karma

Dorje for a while. I learned how to meditate. Several months later a

friend told me about Don Miguel, a shaman who had come into

town. I went to a lecture and then began to study with him. The

work was powerful for me. I put 100 percent into it; I had nothing to


While studying with Don Miguel, I took my first power journey to

the pyramids of Teotihuacan. I participated in a ceremony of Toltec

warriors in the place where they had held ceremonies thousands of

years ago. My life began to transform every moment. After the trip,

Don Miguel asked me if I wanted to become an apprentice. There

were very few apprentices at that time. I agreed. Don Miguel chose

four of the women who were studying with him to represent the four

directions; I was the South. We began weekly Stalking groups at my

home, a beautiful little adobe house that had no electricity and used

a woodstove for heat. Many months later another woman and a man

who was being trained as a nagual joined us. We met no matter

what: snow, rain, or shine. We gave our words to look at ourselves,

and we practiced Stalking for almost two years. We shared our lives.

We healed together, and we loved and respected each other as mir-

rors. We also learned a new level of love and respect for ourselves.

Our work took great discipline and a true desire to look within. It re-

quired a lot of focus and surrendering.

By my third year of apprenticeship, I had done a lot of Stalking. I

had claimed more and more personal power and had gone on a lot

of power journeys with Don Miguel and Doña Gaya, the nagual

woman at that time. Doña Gaya was a very powerful, loving person

who was very direct, a magical teacher. The most life-changing pow-

er journey I took with Don Miguel and Doña Gaya was to Hawaii.

We walked with a group of Spiritual Warriors for three hours down

into a volcano, where Don Miguel did a ceremony. During the cere-

mony something happened to Don Miguel. I found out later that he

was having a major heart attack. All I knew at the time was that he

was not in his usual form of power, and that Doña Gaya had already

left to begin the walk out of the volcano.

My instincts and inner wisdom told me there was something I

had to do because I felt that Don Miguel was leaving his body. I had

no telephone or contact with anyone but the Spiritual Warriors who

were there, and we had to walk for three hours to get out of the vol-

cano. Also, the majority of my companions were beginning Spiritual

Warriors, so I could not tell them anything and I had to keep them

focused. At that moment I chose to help Don Miguel by pulling the

energy from Mother Earth into my womb and placing my hands on

him. I was able to pull in a lot of energy because Hawaii is such a

tremendous source of pure Mother Earth energy. By sharing my love

and energy with Don Miguel, our spirits merged and we became one

being. We then began a slow walk out of the volcano. I felt like I was

walking with Jesus toward his crucifixion, the moment of

transformation when he would leave his physical body. At that time

Don Miguel almost did leave his physical body. As we walked I also

saw Don Miguel shift and become different beings from different

lives. Additionally, I saw and felt the guardians from the rocks send-

ing energy to my Will. We finally made it out of the volcano and to

the van.

With that experience my whole being transformed and shifted. No

words could truly describe it, but I felt a great happiness from giving

of myself for another human being’s survival. It was the most

unconditional expression of love. From the moment when my and

Don Miguel’s spirits merged, I became the second nagual woman

(Doña Gaya was the first). It had never been my dream to become a

realized nagual woman. I had not known that I was born a nagual, a

being with a double egg, or energy field. It was simply my dream to

become joyous and peaceful with every breath. I wanted no situ-

ation to ever take away my happiness because my happiness would

be within me. In the giving of my love and energy for Don Miguel’s

survival, I received the greatest gift. I experienced true joy and

unconditional love. From that moment on, I became a teacher.

Since that time, I have shared with and served many, many Spiritual

Warriors who are now grand teachers themselves. I am now peace-

ful in my life with every breath. Nothing can take away my

happiness, because it is within me.

With this book I share with you the journey to realize your true

nature. Your true nature is happiness, and your true spirit is joyful

and self-loving. Once you truly love yourself, you can love others

unconditionally with no expectations. This book guides you to look

into your heart and to open those doors that you have locked. To be

content, you must have the courage to unlock those doors and to

love the parts of you that are behind them. I give you this book with

all my love and respect.



The Dream of the Planet


saw that most people live in the Dream of the Planet, or the belief

systems of everyday life. The Toltecs also believed that we could be-

come masterful warriors and transcend the Dream of the Planet with

its limitations to create our own limitless Dream. For us, the Dream

of the Planet is our world as we know it today. It is our societies, our

governments, our belief systems, and our rules and expectations. It

is the structures by which we live our lives, set our goals, and strive

to obtain certain things in life, such as good jobs, families, nice

homes, education, status, and so on. Within this Dream may be

certain basic beliefs, such as the one telling us that if we lead “good

lives” and go to church/temple/mosque we will join God after


Although many societies today are materially rich, and we as indi-

viduals have so much in life, we are often still empty inside, search-

ing for something more to make us happy. It is the rare one of us

who feels content in life and yearns for nothing. This search for

“something more” has led us to look toward spirituality, to find

God, Spirit, the Source, or Jesus. We tend to believe that if we can

connect with Spirit or God, we will find happiness, peace, content-

ment, or unconditional love, and therefore will no longer feel like

something is missing.

Today, the greater openness to information outside traditional be-

lief systems, or the Dream of the Planet, has resulted in the blos-

soming of many alternative beliefs. Spirituality is now in vogue.

Now that we are in a new millennium, it is not a moment too soon.

Our world as we know it is shifting; the energy is moving faster to-

day than ever before on the planet. This period can be a time of

tremendous transformation if we wake up to our true selves; or, it

can be a time of tremendous devastation, tragedy, and discon-

tentment if we are unwilling to face ourselves. There are many paths

in existence, but the path that works for us is the one that opens the

heart. We know it is the path for us when it makes us say, “Yes,

that’s my life.” Then we feel a sense of peace, and the doors to the

heart melt open. This book is written for each of us, so that we may

say, “Yes, that’s my life.”

The Toltecs

The Toltecs were people of knowledge and wisdom; they were also

artists of life. Their intent was to be masterful in every moment. Be-

cause of their tremendous love and respect for themselves, they cre-

ated an impeccable environment—an environment of contentment.

Looking inside themselves to heal the wounded Spiritual Warrior,

they mastered a level of being fully alive and of creating heaven on

earth. In every moment they were prepared to see the trees, the ani-

mals, and all of life inside and out, including beyond to the next lev-

el of God. The Toltecs felt that humans had the capacity to become

masters, to believe in life without limitations, and to trust that there

was something beyond what they already knew. These artists of life

went on to create and be open to infinite love—the vision of all be-

ings for peace of heart, mind, and breath. There were two levels of

Toltec apprenticeship: the Jaguar Knight and the Eagle Knight.

Apprentices were guided by a nagual, a teacher of no limitations.

The two levels represented stages at which the apprentices became

their highest, true selves, and then reached beyond that point to

experience never-ending unconditional love and contentment. Their

first step on the journey was to choose to become apprentices at

which time they became Jaguar Knights. To eventually reach the fi-

nal level and experience unconditional love, the warriors had to

master Stalking, Dreaming, and intent at each level of the work. This

work of the Toltec warrior was called the Mastery of Awareness.

Many of the Toltec warriors were killed when the first conquerors

arrived in Mexico. As a result, the practices of the Toltec path went

underground, secret groups of Toltec warriors were created. Their

teachings remained secret until very recently. Even in 1990, not just

anybody could study the Toltec work. Only people who were chosen

could become apprentices.


But now it is time on earth for the wisdom of the Toltecs to be

shared with everyone in the Dream of the Planet who is ready. You

are one of these people if you are willing to be truthful with yourself,

and to be who you really are. Freedom and love begin within you.

In this book you will take a dive into the Mastery of Awareness

through practicing the art of Stalking. You can also choose to com-

bine this art with other tools to find the God and love that you are.

Stalking is a simple yet very powerful tool that can help you expand

your awareness and transform your belief system. It can help you if

you choose to love, accept, and embrace yourself just the way you

are, which is absolutely perfect. The word Stalk may be very fright-

ening to you. You may react negatively to it, thinking, “Oh my good-

ness, is someone stalking me?” However, if you choose to use the

Toltec wisdom presented in this book, you will forget all your old

beliefs, including those about stalking, and you will create some-

thing new. The art of Stalking—the art of Stalking yourself—is a cre-

ative, imaginative process that is only about you; it is not about any-

one else.

The concept of Stalking comes from the cat, who is a master

Stalker. If you decide to practice the art of Stalking, you will be the

Stalker. As a beginning warrior, you will be a Jaguar Knight, the cat.

Stalking will be your beginner’s work. You will not be Stalking any-

one outside yourself, pointing the finger at others, blaming them for

your unhappiness. You will be Stalking yourself: your thoughts, feel-

ings, patterns of behavior, and emotional wounds acquired through-

out life. You will be pointing the finger at yourself, looking into your

own heart. The doors once closed will start to open, and you will

begin to heal all your wounds, one by one, in order that you may live

life fully, embracing it for what it is. Stalking will lead you to self-

healing and transformation.

The journey to learn Stalking for self-healing and transformation

will first take you into the depths of your own belief system. You will

learn how the domestication process of the Dream of the Planet

alienates you from your true self and from freedom, peace, content-

ment, and love. In the course of the chapters that follow, you will

see how the Judge and the Victim, which are parts of your own per-

sonal Parasite, function in your life, perpetuating discontent and the

illusion of what “should” be. You will learn about the many “hooks”

in life, which grab your attention and make you lose your direction.

You will see how your wounds are created by the agreements given

to you by others in the Dream. Agreements are the seeds that others

plant in you by the power of their words and actions. When you truly

believe the agreements, you end up limiting your experiences in life.

You are then afraid to live and to express your true self. Instead, you

wear a mask that presents to the world what you believe others want

to see. You wear a mask to get what you think you want, which you

believe will make you happy. Only you never really feel happy. You

continue to look for more things and better things, like a better job

that pays more money, or a bigger house, or another car, or a better

partner. In the process you feel miserable, and you don’t know who

you really are or what is truly important in life.



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