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Veliki “reset” plan ili kako KOVID-19 otvara vrata Novom svjetskom poretku

Veliki “reset” plan ili kako KOVID-19 otvara vrata Novom svjetskom poretku
Već mjesecima vidimo kako se naš životni put dramatično mijenja. Rečeno nam je iznova i iznova kako stvari nikada više neće biti iste i kako moramo prihvatiti “novo normalno”. Sada su inženjeri kaosa i službeno pokrenuli svoje rješenje za ovu krizu. Predloženo rješenje je “Veliko resetiranje”. (Restart koalicija, sa nedavnim izbornim programom pod nazivom “Plan 21” – Agenda 21 ili danas 2030, slučajnost???)

U ovom videu ispitujemo o čemu se točno radi i tko je sve uključen u plan “Veliko resetiranje”. Također istražujemo što Veliko resetiranje znači za čovječanstvo.





  • 08.06.2020. 11:02h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0

    Si - to ili rešeto........

    .....a corpo & ratio je "korpo'racija" !?

    Ako bi pošli od "stare nam Grčke" mogli bi sa'gledati da su oni prvo financirani da bi i upali u financijsku krizu a iz koje če onda rasprodati prirodne resurse radi vađenja zlata a koje če onda rezultirati živom ili trovanjem ali če se usput i instalirati 5g mreža pa če i svi biti operisani na daljinu i od strane pogubnih koji i nemaju gubu ?

    Ili i možemo li kao "gledatelji" nekako i "vidjeti" kako nas "to prokletstvo" ( ili "drugi) kako bi rekli "fiksira u vremenu" a buduči da onda "vrijeme je novac" i moramo eksploatirati "druge" da bi dobili na "vremenu" ?

    Možemo li izvuči išta "konstruktivno" iz ove dvije i "analogije" u smislu da u strukturalnom smislu svi smo mi i strukturalno identični ?




    Po našem Freudu bi samorefleksija/narcizam bio/la analogan "psihološkom,verbalnom i fizičkom nasilju" u smislu da se psihologija ogleda u staklenom ogledalu,verbalisti u ehou svoje grlatosti a fizikalci u aromatičnosti svoga prdeža !?

    Što se tiče "covid-a 19" barem znamo da je on prvenstveno "kapljičan" tako da oni koji naprimijer i "izlijevaju" ljubav i razumijevanje i ne mogu biti toksični.......

  • 08.06.2020. 11:33h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0

    Tojest i što je Tolle htio reči sa:"Ego živi-m od identifikovanja i razdvajanja"..... i' "kada bih ja/ego bio ono što ste zapravo vi bilo bi i suludo poricati-se" ?

    Ili imamo i "logične konsekvence nakon čistog razumijevanja":*Sealed Units of Energy

    Speaking about the luminous egg in one of our conversations, Carlos stated that we all were sealed units of energy. He had, however, previously said something that appeared to contradict that statement: he had said that self-importance drained our energy. At the appropriate moment, I asked him about it. “It’s not a contradiction at all,” he replied, smiling. "It’s just another misunderstanding due to the inadequacy of our vocabulary. And if we throw the usual difficulty of using words and semantics to refer to energy phenomena into the bargain, you can get an idea of how complicated it can sometimes be to explain these topics. The fact is that our speech really lacks words capable of describing certain phenomena of sorcery. Because of that, poor interpretations occur. To try and avoid that problem, I have borrowed words from several languages and even created some new ones, but the situation is more serious than it appears to be since the modern man believes that if one cannot express something in words, it doesn’t exist.” To make me see that not everything can be transmitted by means of language, he introduced me to a number of words that did not have a literal translation and required long explanations in order to clarify their meaning. As an example, he said that the oriental concept of ‘Ch’i,’ when taken to mean ‘energy’ conveyed only part of its deeper meaning. Another example he mentioned was that, in the English language, there was no intrinsic difference between the Spanish words ‘ser’ and ‘estar’, as both concepts were expressed by the verb ‘to be’. He added that in some northern countries there was no equivalent for the word ‘passion’, which meant that even if people felt that emotion, they were unable to express it. He said all that to make me realise how easy it was to get lost in the labyrinth of words and their meanings, which was the source of the confusion. He went on to say that at the moment of birth all of us received a basic bequest of energy, which amounted to the sum of the passion our parents expended during our conception. “That energy was encapsulated as part of the gift of life. It is all the capital we have; it is what we are. Now, what we make or don't make of it is the individual responsibility of each one of us. The process of being alive transforms our basic energy into a by-product: our perception, which generates experience, stored as memory. Together, they produce the coveted self-awareness. The level of an individual’s awareness can be measured in terms of his aptitude to be attentive to himself and to his environment. Attention is therefore the key element in the transformation and enhancement of gross energy into refined awareness. Growth of awareness is the sorcerers’ goal. That is why they constantly exercise their attention. They deliberately design exercises in avoiding distraction. By doing that, they significantly increase their ability to concentrate.” He remarked that he had found sculpting to be a very useful tool for cultivating attention. Through sculpting, he learned that, when the internal dialogue is cancelled, one gives the best of himself to the task at hand. “How can awareness be enlarged?” I asked. “During our lifetime, each one of us develops our basic energy in different ways. Knowing the importance of looking after it, warriors save their energy and accumulate it through acts of impeccability. Their basic energy is to them like a seed that sleeps, dreaming dreams of abundance. In those dreams, it frees its tremendous potential and transforms into a luxuriant fruit-bearing tree. By the same token, warriors know that their potential energy can likewise grow, and
    expand beyond its limits. In theory, there is no limit to enhancement of awareness. It could keep on growing and growing, perhaps forever. To achieve this, all one needs is impeccability. That is the purpose of the sorcerers’ continuous effort to be impeccable: they are fighting to become more aware. But watch out! Because the energy can also be spent until nothing remains.” Carlos explained that energy can be exhausted unconsciously, as it generally happens to people in the pitiless hands of the ego, who spend all their time firing off their emotions in interactions they maintain. “Instead of spending their life dissipating their personal power in sterile relationships, sorcerers have discovered that it is possible to gather personal power through acts of sobriety and impeccability. They use the art of stalking to stalk themselves, not to deceive others.” He said that with a touch of sarcasm, aware of my own feeble attempts in that direction. He went on: “For seers, awareness has the appearance of a very bright, sticky, transparent elastic shell forming a cloak around the luminous egg. It is like an enveloping brilliance. Even though it should be abundant, that luminescence is almost absent in our species. That is so because awareness generated by the experience of being alive gets constantly obliterated by the quotidian, by our routines. That is the price the predatory Universe charges for giving us life." As I gazed at him, hungry for more, Carlos continued: “The Universe charges us tax through flyers, the predatory aspect of cosmic energy. We are like chickens for them; they see us exactly as we see cattle: as a source of food. Just like we take advantage of other species, we are milked and eaten without compassion by the flyers. Do you ever wonder why people have emotional ups and downs, or difficulty remembering their dreams and sometimes even the details of the previous day’s events? That is the work of the predator who extracts our very best from us.” I asked him how much energy a person had left after being thus “milked.” He replied: “What we have seen is that the level of awareness in people generally doesn't grow above the height of the big toe. We can measure the energy level of a person by the amount of time they can keep their attention fixed. You can verify this yourself. Observe those around you and you will see that hardly anybody manages to concentrate for any length of time. That’s how fucked we are as a species! Even if someone does try to be more attentive, he can only manage to do so with difficulty, because the awareness accumulated by the process of being alive is constantly cut back by the flyers; consequently, the sheen of awareness never gets to develop, because the flyers do not let it. Our mind is actually the flyer advising us minute-by-minute to behave as imbeciles. That's why we spend our life wasting our energy on self-indulgence and useless outbursts of ego. Why do you think almost nobody manages to stop the internal dialogue? This shouldn’t be so difficult for an aware species like ours; however, the predator that consumes us leaves us only just enough awareness to keep us alive.” “And how do they consume us?” I asked with a lump in my throat. Imitating the constrained tone of my voice, he replied jokingly: “They eat us with a knife and fork.” He laughed heartily, and then added in a more serious tone: “They consume our energy whenever it is dissipated in the form of feelings and emotions.” “Any type of emotion?” I asked. “Sure. Emotions act as ejectors of energy and there is always a flyer around, ready to
    take advantage. This goes for any type of emotion we generate. Be it love, hate, repulsion or tenderness, the intensity of the energy is frontally ejected out of the fibres of the luminous egg in the form of waves. The expelled energy is what the flyers consume. Using our ego as front in our interactions with the world forces us to carry on exhausting our energy. Whenever someone throws a tantrum, you can be sure that there is a flyer around to take advantage of such a waste. The same happens when strong emotions arise during sports competitions, or when we go to the movies or the theatre where the feelings of fear, anxiety, love, tenderness, and so on arise within us. Those emotions, too, attract the eaters. That's why sorcerers recommend investment instead of entertainment. We are really under cross-fire. The society and the way we live are designed so that we can be constantly “milked”. Reacting to the world, we drain our luminous mass, our precious energy of self-awareness. Generally speaking, what is left barely suffices us to maintain our day-to-day life. That is why people live as they do. They are like automatons: they get up and go to work in order to sell the best time of their life to the highest bidder in exchange for the means to go on living with the sole goal of being able to carry on working to produce more energy for the benefit of the third party. It really is a terrible vicious circle, very hard to break.” In answer to my question whether it was possible for an ordinary person to realise the truth about their situation, Carlos confirmed that it was theoretically possible to reach the condition of emotional indifference towards oneself through reasoning and coming to conclusions regarding our energy priorities. In practice, however, there is no way a person embroiled within the context of luminosity deterioration can react in time. “One would never find sufficient energy. One would always be a step behind the necessary action,” he pointed out. “What can we do, then?” I mumbled. “Since we are left to our own resources, we have only one option: to preserve the energy we were born with. Impeccable warriors don’t need anyone to guide them, as saving energy becomes self-explanatory to those who are attempting to be more aware.” “Then the flyers do consume our basic energy?” I enquired. I wanted to know if the flyers’ predation irretrievably harmed our energy, or if we could reverse the process. He explained: “In normal circumstances, the process of energy predation can definitively be reversed so that we can recover our full luminosity. That is possible because what the flyers consume is not the basic energy as such, but the energy processed and transformed into feelings and emotions. That is what gets ejected out of our energy mass when we fire our emotions off. The basic energy remains within us like the root of the tree of life. As I have already said, that energy is sealed.” We remained silent for a few moments. My head was spinning; the implications of what Carlos was saying were astronomical. Anticipating my thoughts, he continued: “Energy is there to be used. It is like a fire whose flame, once ignited, can only be used or wasted. Impeccability means using the energy to generate more awareness. In that process, the warrior always chooses the path every step of which he enjoys, living intensely through every minute because he knows that the flame of life is not eternal. We are truly immersed in a world of mysteries, and the greatest of all pleasures is to unveil those mysteries one by one, like when one is a child and everything is new and vibrant. That is how saved energy enables us to make increasingly longer jumps each time, until we end up taking off and flying. The possibilities for those that manage to save energy are truly extraordinary, as they
    can get to the point where their awareness increases to levels inconceivable to the average man. It is in fact possible to reach total awareness this way.”

    The Wheel of Time

    On one occasion I mentioned to Carlos that I’d been on an excursion to the area of Bolsón de Mapimi in the north of Mexico, to a place known as The Silence Zone. He told me that he had already been there and added that the reason inexplicable phenomena happened in that place was because of powerful confluences of Eagle's emanations. He said: “The confluence of emanations is what causes the well-known phenomena of distortion in compasses and other electronic devices. It is also responsible for the visual and auditory hallucinations in those who visit that area.” Our conversation moved on to a topic that interested me greatly; Carlos called it the wheel of time. “Time is the essence of Eagle’s emanations,” he told me. “The emanations are perceived by sentient beings as time. Time is our subjective sensation of the emanations. Sorcerers see time as constant flow, as if it were a giant wave with everything caught up in its crest, making it all move in unison. That effect makes the passage of time seem real and unchangeable to us. If we could perceive everything at the same time, we would not see time as something that passes but as the absolute, as an experience of eternity. The nature of our organs of perception is such that we select bundles of emanations in sequence, and that gives us the impression of the passing of time. Sorcerers have discovered that time is not something rigid. The manner in which we perceive it depends on the way we fix the position of the assemblage point. The human beings of our time are imprisoned in a collective position that makes us oscillate around the position of reason where time is linear, a single recurrence moving ever forward in an unchanging direction. "We all long, however, to break that linearity. That is why fiction stories are written about characters who travel through time. Deep down, we all know that the experience of time in which we are immersed is only a mirage shared by all of us who belong to this particular cluster of Eagle’s emanations. Once they have learned to fix their assemblage point in diverse positions, sorcerers experience different types of time: continuities that can flow slower or faster, or in several directions simultaneously. The sorcerers call this omnidirectional[9] flow the supremacy of the wheel of time. Due to their experience in the labyrinth of time, the shamans of antiquity came to the conclusion that the real nature of time was cyclical, with no straight lines in the succession of events. That is why, in essence, all beings and events are cyclical, because everything recurs time and again. They saw that there were certain patterns or moulds in energy. They also saw that cycles superimposed themselves on one another, interacting in indescribable ways and mingling to form new cycles. That is why all beings are connected like the beads of the rosary and absolutely everything that exists forms part of the same weave of eagle’s emanations. That, for sorcerers, is the essential nature of the universe.”................***

    Dakle ako se več i želimo "resetovati" ajde da se barem i "recikliramo" u širem planu.... ???

  • 08.06.2020. 11:38h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0

    Ili sam i još uvijek pod dojmom "Timeshock-a" and "midnight madnes"-a !o'o!


  • 14.06.2020. 19:35h

    Član iridaMerlin29

    Emiliov prijedlog


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