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OD 14.01.2018.

AUTOGENI TRENING - tehnika relaksacije

AUTOGENI TRENING - tehnika relaksacije
Bez obzira na uzroke, osjećate neugodnu napetost, pritisak koji dovodi do glavobolja, bolova u želucu, povišenog krvnog tlaka, nervoze, smetnji koncentracije i pamćenja, smetnji spavanja, problema u odnosima, nezadovoljstva... Pokušavate se osloboditi napetosti. Pijete tablete za smirenje, tablete za spavanje, previše jedete i debljate se, previše pušite, posežete za alkoholom...

tehnika relaksacije za:

  • oslobađanje od štetnih posljedica stresa
  • unapređenje tjelesnog i psihičkog stanja
  • tehnika samopomoći

    Autogeni trening možete naučiti na tečaju. Organizirani su:

  • jednomjesečni tečajevi osnovnog i višeg stupnja
  • održavaju se 2 puta tjedno
  • na lokaciji u Središću (Novi Zagreb) i u Dubravi
  • voditeljica tečajeva mr. sc Inga Tonković

    Mobitel: 091 / 504 87 84
    e-mail: kontakt@autogeni.net




  • 08.02.2011. 15:18h

    Član magicusMerlin27 @AutogeniTrening, dobrodošla na magicus!
  • 17.09.2020. 11:12h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0


    .........ali bar još uvijek i "Osiječam" !

    I' to je taj "Feeling" ?

    A'a...... "E'motions" !?

    Kao da i imam'o Namijeru ??

    Ali nam je Motiv'acija...... ???

    Koliko ima Istine u onome "nitko ne želi Voljeti a svatko bi volio da ga Ljube" ?!

    Onoliko koliko Lubi tolik je i Voljen a "silovanje je čin Moči" s time da tu treba uračunati i "neče doči da Se-Vidi" pa i MOČ nije Sileđijska......... nego zavisi od "Odašiljanja i Privlačenja" ?o'o?

  • 17.09.2020. 11:36h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0

    A "auto geno zavarivanje".......

    *“Women are different from men,” doña Celestina said, “not just by virtue of the womb, but also in that they are capable of a series of multiple climaxes, without losing the energy from one to the next. If a woman knows what she is doing, she can pull on an energetic column within the center of her being and the sensations of energy will move upward, like going up a flight of stairs. It is possible for them to continue upward until they reach and fountain out of the top of her head, only to be recirculated again at the bottom of her pool of energy, and sent back up to the top. “The waters of a woman’s womb, as I told you in my altar room, are present if the woman has the capacity for orgasmic response. If she has lost that capacity, we say she is ‘cracked,’ like a broken vessel, because this energy center leaks. It is dried up, strained, and weak. Women must explore their own bodies and work through emotional traumas to rekindle their ability to reach climaxes of pleasure, if this possibility has been lost in them. As Chon has often told you, joy is soothing, balancing, and life-affirming. It strengthens the body for what it must endure, be it childbirth, hardship, old age, whatever. Many women who have lost their capacity for pleasure, and have lost the waters of the womb, instead reach climaxes of pain, which are life-denying and destructive, weakening to the forces, since they are unnecessary. “A woman must recover her capacity for orgasm, not only once but consecutively. Too often we look to the men for our examples. In this case it should be the other way around. Once this multiple capacity has been found, a woman may then go on to what I will share with you now.” “Before you do, doña, what are the key points in working through emotional traumas? You are always able to concentrate issues into their essence.” I was keenly interested in advice that she might have for women. “First of all,” she said, “recognize that male energy can be indolent. Some individuals just want to expel the sexual energies to relieve themselves of pressure. This angers the serpent in both males and females and can cause trauma. The serpent will shed skins and, over time, will turn such uses of male
    energy into a fat ogre or a wasted weakling, as it ages. On the other hand, many females withhold orgasmic responses out of manipulation, anger, or fear. This only cheats them, and with no waters they begin to shrivel from the inside out, or perhaps they remain emotional children. It would be far better for all to recognize these scenarios, end these relationships, and explore the pure nature of sexual energies, but often people remain in unfulfilling or even dangerous situations, in the hopes of material benefit, companionship, or protection. Their own strength and resourcefulness would be better served as their protector, provider, and companion, but perhaps they lack courage. They seek someone else to fulfill them. You have seen for yourself in my consultation where these situations can lead. “To compound that, we now live in a male dominator society throughout most of the world and this also works its ills on both males, females, and their offspring. Couple that with the repression implemented by organized religions and government exploitation and you have a real mess. There are many steps to retrace.” “So, as with other practices of shamanism, in this day and age, the key is that we almost unlearn some of what we have learned and begin afresh,” I paraphrased. “Surviving in non-conventional circumstances will strengthen and purify us, and deepens our wisdom, generating energy for us and allowing us to function in life through a healthy alternative.” “Exactly,” the doña nodded, “but it’s not always necessary to throw the baby out with the bath water. Some people, like shamans and wise women, never really agree with the status quo. Perhaps because of it they would not even survive, if not for some unseen power. That makes them desirable in times of need. They never totally buy into the world order, hook, line and sinker. You are one of those people, Merlina, and that is why you have so much freed energy to work with. You are not entangled in believing in a system, nor are you locked into rebelling against one. You have tremendous energy, and fortunately for you it is not caught by things that do not work. This is an ideal situation. Such a position has much to offer female empowerment.” “Back to your practices,” I said thoughtfully, “How does a woman pull her sexual responses into higher energy centers, and what is the purpose, other than the circulation of the energy?” I asked. “Even if the purpose were only circulation, that would be enough,” doña Celestina answered. “As Chon has told you, circulating the energy is cleansing,
    healing, and restorative. It releases blocks, fills depletions, and balances the being. There is more to it, however. First of all, a woman not only circulates energy, she can actually generate energy with orgasm. Remember that this energy is not lost, being expelled from the body, as is the case for the male. A woman retains orgasmic energy within the body. She must pull the energy upwards so that all the energy centers, the entire energy body in fact, reap the benefits. Otherwise this energy is wasted in another way, through imbalance, which can cause problems. One center will overfill and the others will go wanting, doing the work but receiving no replenishment. That is how a woman can exhaust herself. So you see, she must shift her focus and address all her energy centers. That is why I shifted mine and brought you here into my garden. “This place has powerful sexual energy of a higher sort,” she continued. “It is silvery and placental in the moonlight. The earth is cool. The night flowers are open, fragrant and blooming. And the moths . . . just look at them, pulsating, buzzing with energy, so lush and sensual!” * ?

    ......i tako dalje rekao je i Paša u smislu da je bolje da se i dešava išta nego ništa ?

    Ili i da ništarije popuste pa če biti Svašta ?

    Tojest i koliko je Tolle u pravu kazujuči da mi i kao Pojedinci nebi mogli činiti grozote koje inače i činimo pod Visokim pokroviteljstvom koje ima Masu ?

    I u tim slučajevima se sa Dna odražavamo na Vrh  a inače bi ponirali u Dubine i to sa Energetskom potkovanošču buduči nas SamoVažnost i nije požderala ?!


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    Hvala i tebi . Lp

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    I tebi Božice sve sretno i lijepo..♥♪♫ ♥*♪♫ ♥...., i ti si mama...

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    Drage mame, sretan vam vaš dan. Uživajte danas. Lp

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    Dobro jutro dragi magicusi, lijep dan vam želim. Lp

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