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Ti često protestiraš, da u svijetu ima tako puno patnji. Pitaš se uvijek iznova, zašto sam svijet stvorio takvim, da ima tako mnogi patnji u njemu. Ti patnje krivo shvaćaš. Kao prvo patnja je neophodna, kako bi ti mogao rasti. Bez patnje nema rasta.

         Ti često protestiraš, da u svijetu ima tako puno patnji. Pitaš se uvijek iznova, zašto sam svijet stvorio takvim, da ima tako mnogi patnji u njemu. Ti patnje krivo shvaćaš. Kao prvo patnja je neophodna, kako bi ti mogao rasti. Bez patnje nema rasta. Ljudi smatraju sreću, koju nalaze u vanjskom svijetu, svojim prijateljem. No vi bi ga morali kritički promatrati. Mnogo sreće u vanjskom svijetu čini tromim, egoističnim i tupim. Suprotno tome, patnja otvara srce i uči te poniznosti i poštovanju. I još nešto patnja uvijek nastaje tamo, gdje ne teče ljubav. Tko pati, ima nešto naučiti. Cijeli je smisao života u tome da se nauči voljeti. Život nema nikakav drugi smisao. Ljubav je život, život je ljubav. Tko ne voli ne živi. Patnja je porodilja, koja vodi u život. No, imaj na umu: ove bi ti riječi trebale pomoći da razumiješ svoje patnje, a ne da druge osuđuješ zbog njihovih patnji. Jer osuđivati znači ne voljeti, dakle ne živjeti.

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  • 23.08.2018. 12:49h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0





    ......ht tps://www.jutarnji.hr/vijesti/crna-kronika/samoubojstvo-u-pulskom-zatvoru-objesnio-se-covjek-kojeg-se-bojala-cijela-istra-i-desna-ruka-hrvatskog-escobara/7750056/

    *On one of our evenings around the stove, doña Silvia gave the First Commandment as an example: “Love the Lord thy God above all things.” She said that superficially it would seem God needed the love of his faithful even more than his faithful needed him. According to the healers’ interpretation, however, that commandment summarized the entire struggle of the warrior. To them it represented their commitment to finding the source of awareness and consciously uniting with it. “The ultimate goal of all living things, whether they know it or not, is to preserve awareness. That is why death, or the idea of death, causes such fear. The reason for living is to acquire experience and be filled with knowledge and awareness. That is the food of the Eagle. At present, only sorcerers are aware of the possibility of disobeying the command to die and deliver their awareness to the Eagle, because they practise recapitulation. The Second Commandment was the next to be considered. It said, "Do not take God’s name in vain,” the words that generally end up mystifying people and causing the famous ‘fear of God’. Warriors, however, understand the real issue. They know the secrets of the power of words and use them for their purposes in a form that is reverent to the all-encompassing force, reverent to God. Warriors know how to behave in front of power, and approach it with the mandatory strength and humility." Someone in the room asked, “What does ‘power of the word’ mean?” "It means that every word matters, so be careful about what comes out of your mouth. But we will talk about that another time,” doña Silvia replied. “For now, let us continue with the topic of God’s law." Continuing with her analysis of the Commandments, she quoted: "’Honour thy father and thy mother.’ Unfortunately there are those who hate and deny their very source – their parents – and then extend their grudge against all that exists, including the very earth that gives them shelter. This original resentment is the cause of many diseases. A warrior is aware of the tremendous price that was paid for his life, and in the most detached manner honours and respects those who gave him existence. Only then can he fly free." We continued with the lessons through a number of sessions in order to learn the true meaning behind every Commandment so as to be able to understand what they really referred to. This made it much easier for me to commit to the work of religious conversion. I remember that doña Silvia gave us the task of hanging the Ten Commandments up on the wall in a visible place in our sleeping quarters, and learning them by heart. I thought I already knew them, but when I tried to write them down I realized I did not know them all that well, so I copied them down on a sheet of paper after checking the source. 1. Love the Lord thy God above all things. 2. Do not take God’s name in vain. 3. Keep the Sabbath holy. 4. Honour thy father and thy mother. 5. Do not kill. 6. Do not commit adultery. 7. Do not steal. 8. Do not bear false witness. 9. Do not suffer impure thoughts and desires. 10. Do not covet the possessions of another.
    Exodus (20,1-17) and Deuteronomy (5,6-21) In addition to the above, we were later given to learn the list of the seven deadly sins against which one must constantly be on guard. They are: Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Arrogance, Pride, Vanity and Envy[20]. *** In one of our meetings, the lecturer spoke at length about the modern man’s situation, saying that the society had lost its way and that evil had taken root in the hearts of people. Dark forces were seeking to stop human evolution, and those enemy forces worked tirelessly to cloud people’s minds and to change the purpose for which humans had been created in such a way that the old commandments based on morality and justice got swapped for those of the man in the street that go something like this: * First me, and next I. * Love thy possessions and cling unto them. * Lie and cheat to achieve thy goals. * Satisfy thy desires by any means. * Obtain profit at any cost. * Always seek pleasure and personal gain. * Take advantage of others. * Crush the weak. * Destroy that which thou canst not get. * If thou canst not accomplish something, do not let others accomplish it either. *** Part of that topic was the study of how the healers saw the world and what their Ten Commandments were. For that lesson, we walked up to some monumental caves the interior of which bore a strong resemblance to the vaults of Gothic churches. There, we were instructed in the commandments of energy or the Ten Commandments of the healers, which are: * Be good. * Be honest. * Be moral. * Be true. * Be impeccable. * Be patient. * Be detached. * Do good. * Cultivate energy. * Cultivate Silence. Here, don Melchor said: “The commandments of the healers are like a map to help us save energy.”*

    Čudni su ti putevi naši ovozemaljski u nekim "konačištima" o moj Milane,Andreju,Ranko,Bruno i ostali "de Brazil-i"???

    A tek u Gospodinu ako....... **"Doctors in hospitals usually know that a person is about to 'kick the bucket' when he or she begins to see dead relatives and friends. That is normal. The proximity of Death breaks their fixation on the quotidian, and even those less prepared can perceive the other world. Our ancestors symbolically represented the passage to the other world by placing a jade bead representing a replica of their lives into the mouths of their dead. Those who had no money to give to the Hound of Hell would have to cross the River of Oblivion by themselves and would never manage to reach the other bank."
    Doña Lucrecia explained that this custom, based on the practice of sorcerers, served to remind the living that dying means sinking into the dark sea of awareness. To escape this fate, one must pay one’s debt to the spirit. Our life experience is what we owe, and the payment consists in unravelling every feeling, and every emotion we’ve had in our lifetime. That can be achieved by means of impeccable and thorough recapitulation. She said: “Instead of collectively remembering the dead one day a year as ordinary people do, sorcerers evoke the day on which they are going to die. That day, which is as real as any other, is much more memorable than any other date one might celebrate. To flow with Death means to become one with it, learn to accept it in such a way that it becomes a friend, so that, when the moment comes for us to set off for the valley of shadows, there will be no fear in us because we’ll know how cross the River of Oblivion. That is the only way to conquer Death. Smiling wickedly, doña Lucrecia glared at us with the eyes of the devil and said in a terrible voice: "I’ve come to take you." We all laughed: the healers with total abandon, and the rest of us with total apprehension.**


    **One may be punished by many calamities, bad luck, illness and even death for breaking the sacred vows of the healers. But none of that is really bad compared to what is yet to come, as the ancients say: when the moment to disincarnate comes, the corrupt healer enters a vortex from which there is no escape. That is his punishment – his sentence – for trying to use the higher powers for personal gain. Each prospective apprentice is therefore repeatedly warned of the dangers they expose themselves to when they take the healer’s oath. If, on hearing those words, one still decides to proceed, one would better be sure one’s purpose is genuine, because if it is not, one would be better off leaving well alone.**


    ***We first of all need to become aware of our automatic repetitions and why we are making them. We must understand what the word used without intent has turned into and what damage it can cause. When, for example, someone innocently says that something is killing him, or even that this or that makes him sick, one is self-programming the fulfilment of that statement. The fact that I was creating my list alongside my fellow apprentices turned out to be very useful, as other people notice our repetitions more readily than we do. Following doña Silvia’s programme, we devoted ourselves to the task of becoming aware that we did have a repetition habit. We then took every word or phrase that we were in the habit of repeating and gave it a healing treatment. By meditating on it and then repeating it
    many times in a sequence, sometimes even in a mocking tone, we made those words lose completely their basic meaning and with it their suggestive power. By bathing them in attention, we offloaded the burden of their subconscious meaning. Another interesting exercise we practised, one which produced excellent results, was to assign arbitrary values to words. Yet another one was to make lists of important words that needed examining and pin them up where we could see them. Some words, however, represent conglomerates of values deeply rooted in us and it is difficult for us to break our fixation on them. Those are best dealt with as memories of experiences to be examined during recapitulation. There is a common saying among the healers: “Our life is the sum of our intent. It is as you decree it.” “Words are so powerful,” doña Silvia went on, “that, all by themselves, they have the power to move the assemblage points of people. That is what happens when charismatic leaders who are gifted speakers influence crowds. It is mass hypnosis. Being happy is the supreme accomplishment that warriors can achieve, which is why they cultivate good humour and the art of not taking themselves seriously. They learn how to apply the power of words in pursuit of happiness, laughter, and good living. Our conversation was suddenly interrupted by the absent apprentice’s arrival. Doña Silvia commented with a huge smile: “It never fails."***

    Smisao patnje je da se ispatimo do kraja..... ili bi mogli i u početku početi nišaniti od "mušice" a ne od "kundaka"??

    P.S:Znači trebalo bi izbijegavati predmete koji imaju natpis..... ili i čak "Tetoviranje" bez VezE!

  • 21.12.2019. 11:55h

    Član emilio-iiMerlin0

    Svi na jednoga i jedan za sve......

    Kada bi največi mirotvorci bili ujedno i največi ratotvorci........
    To nebi bilo samo "to je neuhvatljivi život jer svijest koja traga za njime jeste on".....
    Nego i "mirovni sporazum če nas anulirati"........
    Baš kao što i "robotizacija če nas ostaviti bez posla"......
    A onda vas "od viška boli glava".

    Kada bi "tonal" bio kao i svaka "uređena država".......
    Tada bi i "nagual" bio poput "Zemlje" na kojoj sve te države postoje.......
    Naravno da se ljudi onda i žele sporazumijeti ali i nemaju "zajedničkog nazimnika".....
    Kao kad i vjerujemo u Sunce ali kao Geocentrici i ne možemo u Heliocentrično......
    Postoji ta nekakva Putana koja nas uvijek vrača na polazište i sa sve manjim uzletištem.

    Kada neki propovijedaju "moč sadašnjeg trenutka".......
    A u stvari izvode da bi nam ga uveli......
    Oni ustvari misle reči da "promijena je moguča samo u ovdješnjem trenutku"......
    I na osnovi vremenskih podataka.......
    .......tojest i onaj koji reaguje na vrijeme taj i unosi prostor u svoj život,rekla bi ego-samosvijest !?

    P.S:Naravno da vlasnici elitnih kladionica nemaju nikakve veze sa elitnim nogometom
    Naravno da bi i jedne i druge trebalo testirati sa "nobela za mir" ili " novce da ne bude rata"
    Naravno da nije u šoldima sve ali i ako bez novaca smo ništa ili vrijeme je novac a bez vremena nas nema = u caithnotu naša prava priroda dolazi do izražaja (kao "forgoten antropology for a moment") ?!

    J.P:Neka i bude patnja kao faktor rasta a onda i bolesti čimbenici ozdravljenja

    Ali zašto onda ne reknemo i da smo zakržljali pa i kronično

    I nebi li tu onda i onaj koji uzrokuje največu patnju i najmanje patio !

    J.B.S.B:Od svih rupa koje imamo najgora je ona koju ne vidimo ili u glavi

    Sex je štetan za sanjače a neophodan za krvoslijednike

    Dobro je biti potentan ali i bez prepotencije a trebalo bi zadržati u pameti i "ako pođete u potragu kao da tražite klin onda ju nečete pronači tojest Rupu" ?


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  • Član ShadowOfSoulShadowOfSoul

    e, draga Irido, nisam dugo trebala čekati - zabijen je nož u leđa i još ga vrti i danas :) :) :) :) stvarno vrhunski tumačiš snove!!!

    31.05.2020. 14:33h
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    Dobro jutro dragi magicusi. Sretan dan vam želim. Lp

    19.05.2020. 07:13h
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    pa kad stigneš ... :)

    14.05.2020. 11:01h
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    evo, draga Irido, dopunila sam Davorov san :)

    14.05.2020. 11:00h
  • Član ShadowOfSoulShadowOfSoul

    draga Irido, evo nije prošlo dugo i evo ostvaruje se nešto iz tvog tumačenja: danas nađem razbijeno zrcalo suvozačkog retrovizora!!!

    13.05.2020. 18:30h
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